What I Wore - *Navy Girl...and her cat*

Hello lovelies! Welcome to the first installment of What I Wore...well it's kinda like installment two because I did a post awhile back but I guess this is the first "official" post. 

Anyway! Time for the goods...well I think they're good anyway.

I picked up this dress from none other than, the lovely Paper Sparrow, she was purging things from her closet and was lucky enough to get a few adorable dresses.

This one is my fave, I just love the lace-esque collar detail, and the tailored but still fun cut of the dress. Also, it looks black but it's navy blue and my tights are black!

Whoops...the camera was ready...I wasn't!

Every time I see these shoes I love em' even more...not just because they were cheap on the wallet!

I got these cute little sea blue earrings over a year ago and they are still one of my simple and sweet low key go to earrings.

There's my Trixie girl! PS - take a look at the sleeve cuffs...how cute are they?

Wears from Head to Toe -

Dress - Paper Sparrow
Earrings - Chewlry
Tights - Happy Socks
Shoes - UrbanOG

Ta Da!! That's it for this post! 

Talk to you soon!

  1. Cuuuuute! It's like Wednesday Addams all grown up!

  2. you look awesome!! you are soo cute in that dress : )
    thanks xo

  3. Super cute! I LOVE those shoes.
    Also, I have a similar tattoo! Only, rather than having the bass & treble clef on either arm, I have them combined into a heart on my left arm. :)

    Tattoo, music & outfit love!


  4. um hello! super cute out fit ! :) I never have the guts to do an outfit post.

    love all your kitty photos :) they are so darling.

    I am soooo addicted to Mad Men too!

  5. Adorable! I LOVE navy blue, but it's so hard to find just the right shade sometimes. It's so classic!

  6. I LOVE this look! So perfect for early Autumn. Love the red lipstick too. It's perfect with the dress. Gorgeous!


  7. That dress is super cute! Love it! :)

  8. The collar of this dress is really sweet and sets off the whole outfit. you look adorable:)

  9. Awesome collar and kitty, hehe >*.*<.

    Hugs to you both!

  10. whoa, I change my mind. THIS is my favorite. You're such a bombshell.


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