On the Move Update!

Hello lovelies! Oh how I've miss you all so! 

Today is Day Two of the move. Sadly I don't have any entertaining photos of myself from yesterday sweating like a pig in 100+ degree heat while moving furniture. 

I don't even have internet, apparently Comcast has neglected installing whatever they need to install to provide cable and internet to anyone on my new construction block of homes, better yet...there's no ETA on when we will have internet/cable. COME ON COMCAST! New seasons of shows are starting in September and I need to have blogging access! Luckily, my cell phone has hot spot access so I can connect from my phone but it is SLOW! 

On the plus side, my lovely mother bought us a couch, so on Saturday when it's delivered I will no longer be using bean bags from Wal-mart to get comfy in the living room. Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, this slower than slow internet doesn't work well with posting photos so I can't a photo of my couch! : ( 

Sorry for the photo-less post!

PS - The felines are adapting relatively well, there have been some bumps in the road but it's okay. I will have more of an update on their shenanigans soon! PS - Lil' Trixie is coming home tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

  1. Good to hear the good news about your moving! I can't wait to read more-photo post about your new space.


  2. woohoo on the new couch! good luck with the internet, what a pain in the butt. :(

  3. You would hope that someone who is getting paid to provide a service would actually do so! What about a wireless hub like Starbucks or Panera? Would that work for a little while?

  4. Comcast is NEVER on the ball. We had a terrible experience with them when we moved... I'm sorry you're dealing with it!

  5. Yay for Miss Trixie finally getting to come home to meet her new family! :) Are the kitties enjoying the new stairs? lol

    Boooo to Comcast! I hope that gets worked out soon...before Dexter atleast!

  6. Glad the move is going well.... can't wait to see the new couch. Lucky you... kitties moving well! My Jinx didn't handle my move well at all, he is just now fully comfortable after two months! Sea Marie


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