Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday....and and update on Lil' Trixie.

Just an FYI, I'm typing this as a little orange kitten gnaws at my toes, why she thinks toes are synonymous with biting I have no idea.

Oh, good news, I was sent some new photos of Trixie! I asked that the foster mom she will be with until I'm able to bring her home if she would take photos of her to keep me up to date on her. I was emailed them yesterday! I thought I'd share the cuteness with you lovelies!

She's soooo tiny!


On to the tutorial, I was trying to find some tutorials that I could recreate without all my craft items, since they are all packed. But of course...that really isn't the easiest thing in the world to find. But I did come close with this super cute head band tutorial.

See the full tutorial on Alisa Burke, it is super simple, and unbelievably inexpensive. I wish I would've made a couple before packing! Will you try it? I'm itching to use some scraps I have for it...patience Jenna!

Hopefully I'll find out today if I can close tomorrow...*fingers crossed*...ahhh!

Talk to you soon!

  1. Those headbands are so cute and definitely worth trying. And Trixie is super duper cute! You are going to have so much fun with her.

  2. Oh she is so cute! It looks like she's smiling! :D I love it! And those head bands are super cute!

  3. Aww she is adorable!! I was never a cat person but my sister recently rescued one and she is just the I may have changed my mind :)

  4. i love a good head band- it makes me think of blair from gossip girl :) GG=guilty pleasure. lol

  5. What a sweet little kitty!!! She is so precious. Fingers crossed for you on the house! And I wish I had some scrap fabric because I would looove to do that tutorial. Oh! And Jinx's pet bed is on the blog today. :D Sea Marie

  6. trixie is so pretty! thats nice how interactive her foster mom is with you :)


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