The Weekend Happenings so Far and a New Banner too!!

Hello lovelies! How is your weekend shaping up? 

It's been a busy one for me! 

Let's recap.

Saturday -

*Early morning wake up and decision to venture out in our "I just woke up" best to have breakfast and Denny's. I had the most delicious pancakes...Hawaiian Pancakes made with macadamia nuts, pineapples, and coconut! Yum!

*Then we went for a short Goodwill Hunting (hehe, I can't help but call it that) where as I mentioned yesterday I found the most fabulous camera for 10 bucks! Once I get the replacement batteries via ebay next week I can't wait to try this baby out!

*Later in the day my lovely friend Sonia and I went shopping for an outing she was attending later in the evening. I served as her fashion consultant during the shopping trip. 

*I was thrilled when I checked my mail and I received my dress trifecta that I purchased from the lovely Andrea at Paper Sparrow. Hopefully I'll be able to take some photos of the fabulous dresses soon!

*Once my other half got home from work we went to Walmart where I was scouting some aesthetically pleasing closet storage for my shoes in my soon to be new home and I found this amazingly affordable ($12.48) bookshelf that will be a wonderful home for my shoes! At that price I bought two!

*Finally to finish up my Saturday I decided to finally work on creating a new banner and I am super excited about how it turned out! What do you think of the final product? 

Whew! I'm hoping for a far more relaxing day today...though not likely!

How was your Saturday? Super busy or a relaxing one?

Talk to you soon!

And the winner of the custom pet bed is...

Though it's oh so much fun to have a winner of the giveaway, I REALLY wish everyone could have won, I wish I could make a bed for each and every person that entered the giveaway!   : (

So without further ado the winner is...Entry #3...

Cas said...

Yaaay!!! Gratz on 100! :D 
I have four pets! Yama (my doggie), Jinx (my kitty kitty) and 2 betta fishies named Rupert and Chloe!

Yay! Congratulations Cas! I will be contacting you shortly to work out all the details!


PS - I found the most amazingly gorgeous camera today while doing a mini-thrifting jaunt with my other half. A oh so fabulous Minolta Hi-Matic E (for 10 bucks!) Now I just have to find a compatible battery for it...time for a hunt!

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

The Final Fabulous Friday Finds in July!

I thought it would be fun to close out the work week with a little vintage flare!

Vintage always makes me days make me smile too...sadly this is not a pay day week! 

Feast your eyes on the finds...

Sparrow Batik Tribal Top via Fox and Fawns - I am obsessed with this top! The cut of the top and color combination is fabulous!

Campus Boots via Time Bomb Vintage - Such a classic style of boot - these would look super cute with a great pair of jeans!

Little Kitten in the Garden via Stephanie Bracciano - I can't help myself when I see a cute vintage cat sweater and this one is adorable!

Vintage Impreial Reflux Duo via Remember When Camera - A working Imperial? It's soooo pretty...
Wing Tip Lace Up Oxfords via Fox and Fawns - How friggin' cute are these?
Ta da! That's it! Did you see anything that you loved? What's your fave vintage find right now?

***Don't is the final day to enter the Custom Pet Bed Giveaway...I will be announcing the winner this weekend!***

Talk to you soon!

Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday and some exciting news!

Okay, I should admit right now, the exciting news is for me but I had to share with all you lovelies!

My loan was approved for the house! Yaaaay! So if the rest of this home buying process goes smoothly then I will be closing on my first home on 8/12/11! 

Which also means, once the giveaway has come to a close and I make the new pet bed for the winner, I will be packing up my sewing machine and all the other notions! I have a LOT of fleece to move...

I hope none of you mind accompanying me on this moving journey because I'm sure some of the process will be documented here! 


Onwards to a YUMMY tutorial that is easy on the pockets and relatively simple to execute!

Yes, a yummy tutorial, check out these cream cheese brownies!

To get all the details and instructions, check out A Bountiful Kitchen, and don't have to try these! 
Is your mouth watering? I think my blood sugar (Yep, I'm a diabetic...for 26 years now!) goes up just looking at these. Yum.

Do you think you'll give them a go? 

See you tomorrow for Fabulous Friday Faves!

A Touch of Mid-Week Tranquility

 How are you lovelies doing? This is a short and sweet post that will hopefully give you a couple minutes of tranquility. 

Wednesday seems like a good day to take a moment to sit back and enjoy the view...

via Pinterest

via Pinterest
What are some of your favorite types of photos that give you a feeling of relaxation? 


PS - don't forget about the custom pet bed giveaway...there are 3 days left to enter!

Talk to you soon!

There's no place like Comic Con, there's no place like Comic-Con...

Here's hoping if I click my ruby red heels three times...I will go back in time and go to Comic Con...


Nope. Still in Jacksonville, Florida and it's still the Tuesday after Comic Con came to a close.

Please excuse my slight departure from my normal daily ramblings while I gush about the entertainment world.

Seriously though, how amazing would it have been if I could've made it there, I'm guessing it would've been pretty awesome. Or send me into a panic because of the mass of people that were there. I have a little quirk about being around crowds of people. Quirk as in...I panic and want to flee the scene.

I openly admit to the fact that I love television and movies. The good, the bad, and the guilty pleasures.

I was scouring the internet to find some photos from Comic Con of the celebs that were there from the television shows/movies that I love!

Psych - Dule Hill and James Roday - does anyone else love Psych? Such a funny TV show!

Eeek! Dexter! I can't wait for the new season to's almost time to sign up for Showtime for the duration of the new season...then promptly cancel Showtime after the season is over.

Vampire Diaries! Am I the only one here that loves some Vampire Diaries? 

Ah, True Blood, the whole cast was there too! 

Apparently there was a sneak preview of Breaking Dawn that the cast presented. PS - what the heck did Robert Pattinson do to his hair? It's shaved on one side...weird.

All images from

What about you? What TV shows are on your must watch list?


PS - Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a custom pet bed!

Talk to you soon!

It's Here! The 100 Fabulous Follower Giveaway Celebration!

I am SO excited for a few reasons. 

1) - You guys are all so amazing!
2) - I can't wait to make a custom pet bed for one of you
3) - It makes me smile like a kid in a candy store (or me in a bookstore) that people enjoy reading my crazy ramblings and fun crafty finds.
4) - Did I mention that you guys are amazing?

So here's the deal! The giveaway will consist of one of my basic size beds found in my shop - 18x18, 24x24, or 26x20 - I'm up for variations of sizes the winner will just have to let me know what they need!
The fabric choices and customizations (such as a monogramed applique) will be up to the giveaway winner. The whole design specs will be in the winners hands! We'll work out the details after the giveaway is over. 

How to Enter:

The must have -
*You have to be a follower of this lil' ol' blog*
Leave a comment with your name and email so I can contact you if you win 

Optional Entries - 
(Each will count as a separate entry, leave a comment for each so you get as many chances as possible!)

*Blog about the giveaway and include the link in the comment
*Post about the giveaway on good old facebook and also include a link in the comment
*Lastly, leave a comment telling me how many pets you have and what are their names!

So that's it! Simple enough ay? 

The giveaway will be open until July 29th at midnight and the winner will be chosen by!
PS - at this time giveaways are only open to US and Canada.

Good luck!

Giveaway Winnings and Thrifting Finds!

It's Sunday...already? How the heck did that happen so fast? Maybe it was the busy Saturday...I got my hair all prettied up again (growing out my bangs is SUCH a pain!), spent the afternoon shopping for thrifty finds, and then my other half and I finally went to see Harry Potter! Man I love movie's always such a treat...a insanely expensive bag of popcorn that is. 

Anywho, I wanted to share my fun and fabulous finds from Saturday! All for a whopping $20! I tried to consolidate them all into one photo but I left out the skirt that I got...mostly because I had it in my closet already and forgot to bring it out when I took the photos.

I've been searching for a little shelf for my figurines (I looove figurines!) and I found this little wooden gem, my plan is to refurbish it. I found some super cute and bright frames and an oh so cute vintage oval shaped frame. Loving the purse I found too...purses with outside pockets are key for me.
My fave find is Ruby...she is just the cutest little duck I've ever see!


I was so lucky to win a couple of giveaways recently and I just had to share with you guys!

First up, from By The Throat, I was so excited when I won this super cute cherry blossom necklace!
The lovely Rachel at No Mark At All hosted this giveaway!

Love cherry blossoms!

And if that wasn't enough, I also won this to die for necklace from Release Me Create, hosted by Grace Louise Photography, the winner was able to choose anything from her shop and let me tell you how difficult it was to choose!

Super cute packaging!
Hello fabulous necklace! Loving the little pink rose too!

What about you? Have you gotten bit by the giveaway bug recently? Best bug ever!

Speaking of giveaways, don't forget, when my lil' ol' blog hits the big 100 (one away!) I will be hosting a giveaway in celebration of 100 fabulous followers! 

Stop by the "Happy Tails" Page to see some happy tail waggers on their custom beds!

Here's hoping you had a fabulous weekend!

Oh My Yellow...what a wallet!

Happy Saturday! I wanted to pop in for a quick post before my much needed hair appointment to share with you the most fabulous wallet!

I was perusing good ol' Hot Topic online because they were so kind enough to send me an email letting me know they are having 50% off their clearance items. I think by now they know that will in fact lure me in. Tricky little devils!

I fell in love with this beauty -

Ready for the price? $9.49 (marked down from $30) I couldn't pass it up!

I shall return later this afternoon...I've got to see my hair doctor about some roots at that! I colored a large chunk of my hair fire engine red about 6 months ago and after I went back to all black...the little bugger of red tint keep making an appearance when the black starts to fade! Then off to do some thrifting! Woo hoo!

Talk to you soon!

Fabulous Friday Finds!

It's Friday!! Woo hoo! (Pay day Friday at that...which means it's my bi-weekly treat for I can finally buy film for my Instax!)

I am over the moon excited to share this weeks finds with you. Each and every one of these scene stealers make me want to break the bank and make them mine. But alas, this soon to be home owner, has to be more money wise!

Feast your eyes on the finds -

Florally Brass Studs via LaPetiteBoheme - Love the color in these!

Opal Teardrop Necklace via bethtastic - What a perfect addition to a casual tee and jeans but also perfect with a little black dress!

Pierrot Acrobat Necklace via mamaslittlebabies - How fun is this? Such an eye catching item.

Sew I Love You watercolor necklace via HeatherKent - Seriously? How much do you love this? 

Woodland Parade Necklace via danitashop - This has to be one of my favorites. A parade of woodland creatures...yes please!

So did you see anything you fell in favorite with? What are some of your Etsy faves? Share! I'd love to see them.

Ta Da! It's Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday and giveaway news!

Hey everyone! How is your Thursday going so far? I am SO ready for the weekend...even though I'll be packing...I'm still counting down the hours until it's here!

I found the cutest darn tutorial recently and I just knew I had to share it this weeks installment of Thrifty Thursday! 

How often do you say to yourself, "Darn, I sure could use some felt fridge magnets", more often than you would imagine I'm assuming. Lucky for you that is just what I have to share with you today! 

To get the instructions for these oh so cute magnets visit Craftapalooza


On to the giveaway, or should I say potential giveaway, I am daringly close to 100 fabulous followers!

My plan is when I hit the big 1-0-0 is to giveaway a custom pet bed! The winner will be able choose the fabric and any personal customization! Are you as excited as I am?!

Share It!

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