And the winner of the custom pet bed is...

Though it's oh so much fun to have a winner of the giveaway, I REALLY wish everyone could have won, I wish I could make a bed for each and every person that entered the giveaway!   : (

So without further ado the winner is...Entry #3...

Cas said...

Yaaay!!! Gratz on 100! :D 
I have four pets! Yama (my doggie), Jinx (my kitty kitty) and 2 betta fishies named Rupert and Chloe!

Yay! Congratulations Cas! I will be contacting you shortly to work out all the details!


PS - I found the most amazingly gorgeous camera today while doing a mini-thrifting jaunt with my other half. A oh so fabulous Minolta Hi-Matic E (for 10 bucks!) Now I just have to find a compatible battery for it...time for a hunt!

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

  1. Awesome camera find!! Seriously!!!

  2. awesome find!!! i have a great old camera but something's wrong with it. i need to get someone to look at it. take lots of pics!


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