Fierce Fashion and what not

So on my out the door to work this morning, I thought I would try to take a quick shot or two of my ensemble before all the happiness of the outfit got all tainted by being inside the office all day!

Cardigan - Target
Earrings - hand me down from my mama!
Dress - Target
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - DSW (Rocket Dog)

PS - I'm seriously considering participating in the vlog series that I've been reading about. So good or bad you may be seeing me (and possibly random gremlions) on a video post in the near future! 

Speaking of my little lions, after shopping this afternoon (and finding a super fierce pair of wedges which I'm sure you'll see soon!) my littlest lion just couldn't stay away from the bag.

Gettin' comfy 
She truly thought she was going to fit in this box...I spy a sneaky black and white kitty in a bag too.

Who else is ready for the weekend?! A long weekend at that...join me in my Woo Hoo! 

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  2. Your outfit is super gorgeous! And your kitties are so cute! Can't wait to see those wedges! I love me some DSW!!!
    Happy weekend! xxx

  3. ditto what chrissy said. that dress is saucy :) and kitties are so adorbs!


  4. Aww! Totally adorable. Why are cats in bags always the cutest things ever? Someone should start a tumblr all about cats in bags. :)

    I love your pretty red dress!

  5. Tehe, what a cute little kitty!
    Love your little dress :)


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