Wedding Bells, Wine, Margaritas and one giant tree! - Photo heavy!

Heavy on the wine and margaritas! A good time was had by all, smiles, laughter, and sparklers made for a fabulous evening. Sure there were some not so great portions of the wedding but I prefer to reminisce on the things that bring a smile to my face. So with that being said, here are photos that do just that, enjoy!

The first photo I took upon my arrival...we decided to shop in the shops downtown first...this gnome magnet was so friggin' cute!

I came across these oh so cute wands in a little shop...I should've bought one...but at least I have a photo!

Brightest light on the street :p
Giving the quintessential profile shot 
This tree took my breath away when I first saw it...I had to get a mini photo shoot in before the wedding festivities

Close up view 

Can you tell I loved that tree? It was love at first sight...PS...check out the wedges that I mentioned in this post!

Showing the tree whose boss!

Me trying my darndest to live out my pixie fantasy in the giant tree!

My mama and Michael

My other half

Michael showing off his new snazzy tie...and margarita!

Gotta take a shot of the photographer!

Jaret and Casey during the ceremony - The ceremony was on the roof of the Hotel Indigo

Getting ready to take flight lessons from Batman.

Sip, sip, smile!
Blame it on the margarita's...and on that note...that's all folks!

Whoops I forgot this gem...we stopped in Sarasota on the way home...and me and my sailor just couldn't pass up a photo opp!

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  2. Wow! That tree is craaaazy!!! Looks like the wedding was a good time. :)

  3. Thanks for popping in over at my space. Love your blog. It's snazzy! Looks like you all had a fab time!


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