These Are a Few of my Favorite (Etsy) Things!

To celebrate this glorious (rainy and unbelievably muggy) Sunday aka I'm not going outside...I wanted to share a few of my recent Fave Finds on Etsy! (There isn't any rhyme or reason to this collection...just a hodge podge of things that caught my eye!)

Spirit Animal Necklace via AnnieEDennis - she's got great porcelain and pottery items

Micro glitter lip gloss via BrazenCosmetics - I love her lip gloss and all of her make up is fabulous - this is one of my favorite colors I haven't tried yet but I've had my little hazel eyes on!

Jade Chain Necklace via Crumpet Cake - I just LOVE this necklace - simple, elegant, but bold.

Party Bunting Frame via MMIM - her frames and all of her very affordable items are just gorgeous, whimsical, and are so easy on the eyes!

Sky Blue Vase via LennyMud - I love this vase (and it's on clearance!) Not to mention there are so many more oh-so-cute pieces of handmade pottery items!

Triangle Post Earrings via tinygalaxies - These gems are so sparkling and petite - they are like little shining stars on your ears! 

Okay, I won't overload the post but I could go on and on, I hope you see something that is a fave find for you too!

  1. ooh, i love the jade necklace and the lipgloss!!

  2. Love these finds! I really really love the spirit necklaces and those earrings! Thanks for sharing. :D Sea Marie

  3. Great finds! I love that frame ;)

  4. I'm going to have to check out that lip gloss right now! Thanks for including my earrings. :)


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