Oh My Yellow...what a wallet!

Happy Saturday! I wanted to pop in for a quick post before my much needed hair appointment to share with you the most fabulous wallet!

I was perusing good ol' Hot Topic online because they were so kind enough to send me an email letting me know they are having 50% off their clearance items. I think by now they know that will in fact lure me in. Tricky little devils!

I fell in love with this beauty -

Ready for the price? $9.49 (marked down from $30) I couldn't pass it up!

I shall return later this afternoon...I've got to see my hair doctor about some roots...red roots at that! I colored a large chunk of my hair fire engine red about 6 months ago and after I went back to all black...the little bugger of red tint keep making an appearance when the black starts to fade! Then off to do some thrifting! Woo hoo!

Talk to you soon!

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