Where There's Crafts...There's Cats! Oh and a Harry Potter Sunday Smile!

It's true. I don't know if it's because they insist on following me absolutely everywhere or if it's because they really love crafts. I'm guessing on the later of the two. It makes the most sense. : )

Take a gander at the photos below to get an idea of what I mean.

Penelope eying the soon to be pet bed - I have to rig up a place for her to lay while I work because otherwise she will try to make her own spot on the yet to be made pet bed! You can see her checking it out!

Next up, the eldest furry child, seriously? He pulled out ALL the fleece to make a nest for himself! Sneaky little bugger.

And after ALL that feline disruptive behavior, I still managed to finish up a custom pet pad that was recently ordered from the shop, loving the pink owls! The nice little stuffed camel was happy to do a size comparison.

Sadly, Penny doesn't appreciate the help from the camel as much as I do, she is a little green with envy. Poor camel didn't stand a chance.

This weeks Sunday Smile is in honor of Harry Potter!

Silly little Dobby cat! via Tumblr

Here's hoping you're smiling! 

  1. Why do the cats always have to lie in the middle of whatever you're working on? They have some sort of 6th sense that enables them to drive you crazy, I think. Mine always sense when I'm taking photos and have to walk in front of the camera.

  2. I think it's because they think that all space is theirs...they are more confused if they are told they shouldn't be somewhere!

  3. ha...love it! my first cat was like that whenever i would do crafts. especially when i would make jewelry. my cat now could care less. well, unless i am on the computer and then he bites me. like now!

  4. Gotta love a toe bitin' cat...my little orange hellion bite toes too...you don't realize how sharp their teeth are until you get a biter!

  5. Awww, cats always pick the best places! (And look adorable while doing so!)

    Lost in the Haze

  6. SOOO CUTE! Just like my kittys, always getting in the way! I swear, they always wan't to sit on what you're working on. They don't want to sit on a blanket, they wan't to sit on your fabric. The exact fabric you want to use.

  7. Love! I wish my cat cared more about what I did!!

  8. Hehehe, those photos made me laugh out loud! I love the photo series of the one cat trying to sneak into the fleece shelf. Adorable! I'm glad they have a cute new kitty bed now! :)

  9. My cats are the exact same way. They always have the be in the middle of whatever I am working on!

  10. Your cats are so cute :) I love love love cats and crafts too haha! :)

    Notes She Wrote

  11. Aren't cats so cute when they nest? Poor camel. That Dobby cat is adorable!

  12. Haha, those brats certainly know how to have fun!

    Dante and Dimitri send you hairy hugs, hehe!


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