Thrifty Thursday and I get a visit from the Giveaway Fairy!

So mustaches are quite the craze right now, so needless to say, when I stumbled upon this gem of a tutorial I just had to share it with you! What I love about it is that you can really use whatever fabric you have handy, you may want to reinforce thinner fabrics, but still an easy DIY! You could even fill it with polyfil to make it a nice and fluffy 'stache! So many options to make it your own. I found this tutorial on The Etsy Russian Team blog. Enjoy!


Mustache Keychain

You will need:
a. A piece of genuine leather – thickness 0.03-0.06” (0,7-1,5 mm)
b. A thick needle or awl
c. Scissors
d. Flat nose pliers (2 pairs)
e. A key ring
f. Thread
g. A sewing machine
h. Moustache pattern

1. You can print and use the pattern included or draw your own.

2. Outline the moustache pattern twice оn the back side of the leather. Also outline a rectangle measuring 0.8x2.4” (2x6 cm).

3. Cut them out. It has to look like this.

4. Pass the strip into the ring and bend in half. Join the edges as shown. Position the strip with the ring between the two cut-out moustache pieces as desired.

5. Sew together at a distance of 0.1" (2-3 mm) from the edge. Sew through twice where you put strip with the ring.
6. If one of the edges overhangs, trim it with scissors.

Your key-chain is ready!

So what do you think? Will you give it a shot? 

So now on to the Giveaway Fairy, now up until a week ago, I have never won anything especially not anything that I actually attempted to win! While catching up on blogs, I was excited to see one of my fave blogs - Inside My Hideaway - was having a whole gaggle of giveaways, I fell in love with the Tiffany's jewelry box that was one item up for a win! Low and behold...I won!! I received this dainty little gem of a jewelry box today in the mail, now just to get a piece of shiny Tiffany jewelry to put inside of it...*wink wink*

What about you? Has the Giveaway Fairy paid you a visit recently?

  1. So glad it got there ok and you like it! I was a bit nervous about shipping such a delicate box so I might have overdone it with the bubble wrap-lol! xoxo, Mary

  2. That keychain is so awesome. It just brightened my very early morning!

  3. Congratulations on your little box! It sure is pretty and that is one of my favorite blogs as well.

    Love the mustache tutorial. Those little things are so popular.

  4. Great tutorial--don't know if I'm the mustache type but I admire anyone who can sew leather!

  5. I love anything Tiffany's. I always have the worse luck on giveaways!

    Such an easy how to on a mustache keychain. :)

  6. The tache keychain is super amazing! That needs to be on my set of car keys NOW!

  7. Woot, congrats!!
    Coincidence, I won a giveaway necklace last week! First thing I ever win, too.


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