A Day at the Catty Shack Ranch - big kitties!

So let me preface this post by saying the Catty Shack Ranch is by no means a "zoo", and has been an active sanctuary for 26 years, all cats at the ranch were rescued animals, they were either a part of an endangered species, rescued from zoos where they weren't being treated how they should've been and were sick because of it, or surrendered to the ranch. I was worried at first that I would be sad if the big cats were in little cages and not being tended to properly, but this ranch is mostly run by volunteers who are very passionate about the well being of these big kitties! The ranch is on 10 acres of land and let me tell you all the lions/tigers and other cats are very happy and healthy. They run around and play like my little itty bitty cats at home! (Check out their facebook for more information - Catty Shack Ranch)

Now, for some photos AND videos, the photos were hard to get good shots of seeing as the cats were just running about all free and loose! 

Only a portion of the expansive acreage.
Here is Curt, the Big Cat Whisperer, the cats LOVE him and react to him like an every day house cat would react to their mom/dad coming home at the end of the day. He "talks" to the cats and they respond in their own big kitty language! He's been with a lot of the big cats since they were babies. PS - the tiger in the photo is Sarah.

Sarah lounging - the cats were so close! It was breathtaking to see them so close.

Here is a short video of Sarah, she even is nice enough to give us a good look at her face and looks at the camera!

Responding to a here kitty cat call...what a regal, strong, and beautiful face.

Freddy, the big daddy lion, laying on his back after a good belly rub (see video below)

Please disregard me talking (yes the first thing I say is something about sitting on a lap but it's because the guy was talking about the lion!) there is also a 6 year old providing some commentary! 

My tiger soulmate - Hercules - he is so gorgeous. His stark white coat with his milk chocolate brown stripes are striking.

Here is a video of Hercules - please TRY your best to ignore that crazy cat lady talking to Hercules - it may or may not be me. 

That's it! I'm hoping this doubles as a Sunday Smile (sorry it took so long to get posted today...it took a lot longer to get this done that I had expected!) if anything because of my awful commentary in the videos!

  1. those were some very handsome big cats.

    ps-I love your blog header!

  2. Thanks Jenny! After tinkering with the header for awhile I finally got it to how I wanted it to look! : )

  3. Kittttties!! They are beautiful. And Hercules is amazzzzzing...... :)

  4. LOve that the cat whisperer :) They are so adorable.!

  5. Wow!! That's so awesome! I wish we had a place like that here!


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