Just a handful (or so) more wedding photos I promise!

So I just have to take a minute and share some of the real photos from my brother's wedding that were taken by my flesh and blood, Mark @ Mark My Shots, his photos have such life in them. We were lucky he took some photos to capture the fun!

The trouble making siblings in the flesh! Those boys look like trouble! :p

Me and my lovely mother at dinner

My brother Jaret the groom and me!

Enjoying the roof deck pre-wedding drinks and finger foods. 

My mom and step dad posing for the camera.

My other half and I participating in a must have photo opp.

Look ma' no hands!
They are so happy! 
Giving my brother a big congratulations hug...I was crying like a baby!

Last but not least - Mark, Jaret, and Michael - mean mugging for the camera!

Hope you enjoyed the last photos! It's amazing how many photos float around after a wedding. These are some of my faves and they make me smile : )

  1. awww I love a wedding photo. You can see the happiness in all the pics.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I agree - happiness in every single one! xxx

  3. looks like it was a very fun wedding :) Great photos ... made me smile !! )

  4. looks like supe fun times! congrats to your brother!!


  5. oh my goodness, so glad you found me b/c i love your blog. you are too cute!
    oh...love your blog header. i have some great pics coming up this week of my cat. :)


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