The Weekend Happenings so Far and a New Banner too!!

Hello lovelies! How is your weekend shaping up? 

It's been a busy one for me! 

Let's recap.

Saturday -

*Early morning wake up and decision to venture out in our "I just woke up" best to have breakfast and Denny's. I had the most delicious pancakes...Hawaiian Pancakes made with macadamia nuts, pineapples, and coconut! Yum!

*Then we went for a short Goodwill Hunting (hehe, I can't help but call it that) where as I mentioned yesterday I found the most fabulous camera for 10 bucks! Once I get the replacement batteries via ebay next week I can't wait to try this baby out!

*Later in the day my lovely friend Sonia and I went shopping for an outing she was attending later in the evening. I served as her fashion consultant during the shopping trip. 

*I was thrilled when I checked my mail and I received my dress trifecta that I purchased from the lovely Andrea at Paper Sparrow. Hopefully I'll be able to take some photos of the fabulous dresses soon!

*Once my other half got home from work we went to Walmart where I was scouting some aesthetically pleasing closet storage for my shoes in my soon to be new home and I found this amazingly affordable ($12.48) bookshelf that will be a wonderful home for my shoes! At that price I bought two!

*Finally to finish up my Saturday I decided to finally work on creating a new banner and I am super excited about how it turned out! What do you think of the final product? 

Whew! I'm hoping for a far more relaxing day today...though not likely!

How was your Saturday? Super busy or a relaxing one?

Talk to you soon!

I LOVE reading your comments, it brings a smile to my face, you lovelies are the best! If you have a question or comment and have your email linked to your blogger I will without fail respond!

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