Fabulous Friday Finds! Oh how I love Fridays....

Not only is the weekend swiftly approaching, where I can sleep in (until one of the fatty fatty fat cats gets hungry at 6:45 and wakes me up by meowing until my eyes open) and finally order some new glasses because it's pay day!! Woo hoo! 

I've used Zenni Optical for my glasses for about a year now. Have you tried them before? They are by far the least expensive glasses I've found and all you need is your prescription and PD (pupil distance) info and you're set! Oooooh I can't wait! 

But I have to pay my first mortgage payment since moving into my new house...eeeek! 

So on to the Fabulous Finds!

A Letter for my Valentine Antique Brass Necklace via LaPetiteBoheme - I love the romantic feel of this necklace and the chain with the little decorative piece that connects it to the charm is SO feminine and fabulous!

Candy Corn Pom Pom Garland via freakedoutnsmall - I am obsessed with how friggin cute these are! Can't you picture these as a part of your Halloween decor? They are so fluffy and cute! One of my absolute favorites...come on October! : )

Ceramic Deer Bookend via penorus - How cute is this little guy? He looks so excited to be holding up some books...<3

Plaid 3/4 length skirt via slideshowvintage - I am in love with this skirt!! It's been in my list of favorites for weeks now and low and behold the owner of the shop is having a 30% off sale and this skirt is already marked down to $14 bucks so it would only be $10! Sadly...it is just a smidge too small for me! If someone snatches this up you've got to share how fabulous it looks!

Vintage Houndstooth Pet Carrier via ElectricCupcakeCo - How stylin' would a little rascal be in this? The little flap opens up to a window for the pet inside...ahhh...so cute I can't even stand it!

Did you have a favorite out of the list? Do you celebrate pay day with buying yourself something that you "want" not "need"...or is that just me?!

Talk to you soon!

Thrifty "Tutorial" Thursday - Eeeek it's almost October!

I am so excited that it's almost October for a few reasons - 

* I can start decorating (and shopping) for Halloween goodies - I have my own house to decorate this year!
* My next hair appointment is at the end of October so more red to come!
* It'll be that much closer to not being hotter than Hades...it was 95 degrees yesterday!
* Since we live in a family filled neighborhood...we'll have trick or treaters this year...yaaay!

What are you excited for in the upcoming month? 


So I found a super simple and inexpensive tutorial to share with you guys!

Stop by Lemon Jitters for more details on this oh so adorable revamped hair accessory idea!

*It is more or less pretty self explanatory just looking at it but there are a few extra details on Lemon Jitters


Last but not least...a cute cat photo...my little Trixie and Penelope taking their cat naps. 

Talk to you soon!

Mid-Week Tranquility!

I feel like I'm so "out of the bloggy loop" not posting and reading much yesterday. 

I've been sick...bleck. Allergies + a serious head cold = a less than happy me.

I'm feeling much better today though, I can get back to the office, so that's always good!

But in "honor" of not feeling peachy keen the last few days, my mid-week tranquility photo, will be one that summarizes where I would've liked to be while being under the weather. 

I am swooning over this room...not just because I'm in the "sick" zone either...it's so warm and cozy. <3

How do you cope with being sick? Do you have a "go to" comfy pj's? Or a movie/TV show that you always watch?

What I Wore - *Fall is in the Air* and a sweet little puppy!

Hello lovelies!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? 

I spent my weekend dog sitting a sweet little pup named Miki - 

*photos by me*

I've got one more day with the sweet little guy before his mama comes home. He's such a sweetie pie...but my felines are not a fan when I come home smelling like puppy!


On to the wears! - Sorry not a ton of photos to share - it was about to pour so I had to do a quick shoot!

This has to be one of my favorite new dresses. I've worn it twice already since getting it in the mail last week. Have you purchased any items from Shop Speedy Girl

Wears from Head to Toe - 
Tights - Foot Traffic
Shoes - UrbanOG
Necklace - Piebald

Talk to you soon!

Fabulous Friday Finds - Woo hoo!!

Yaaaay! It's Friday and it's fall!

I am celebrating the first day of fall by wearing a fabulous new dress I got from the ever so amazing Shop Speedy Girl with tights that just scream "wear me during fall!" (Even though it is going to be in the 80's today...I shun you summer!) I will have to share the ensemble with you guys soon. Maybe next week : )

Okay, ready for some finds? (PS - if it were pay day I would so be buying at least one of these)

Narwhal Brooch via Leanimale - Loving this brooch, what a cute little Narwhal, and the colors are so gorgeous and fun!

Busy Bee necklace via eelizabeth - I love the the crest shape of the necklace paired with a light and fun little busy bee!

Hourglass Dress via yardofgoods - This is without a doubt...my favorite find...I'm slightly in love with this dress! The colors, patterns, shape of the dress...divine!

1970's shoulder bag via babesinvintageland - Not only is this hand bag amazing but it's vegan too which is a plus! I love the color of brown it's so rich...love!

Owl Glasses Holder via penorus - Okay so this little beauty already sold but I had to share. My heart was a little sad when I saw it "sold" in my favorites but the shop still has an ENORMOUS amount of super cute things. I think I have at least ten items in my favorites.

That's it! Did you see anything you loved? Do you have any must haves in your list of favorites on Etsy?

I swear...even window shopping makes my heart go pitter patter...<3

Talk to you soon!!

Seriously? Even I can't get over how cute these are...

Two posts in one isn't the "norm" for me...but heck...there aren't any rules. Yaaaay! 

I had to share these with you because I just stumbled onto them just now. I took these last weekend while I was 
on the couch studying for my exam that I passed...woo hoo! :) And I was joined by a little lady feline and that is when the photos transpired. 

These make me smile from ear to ear and I can't ask for more than that! There are only three...I don't want to overload you on cat photos!

 See how tshirts come in handy? They are a go to place to hold bobby pins!


Join me in a good laugh and a brief departure from Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday!

I'm going to take a short siesta from TTT so I can participate in Miki's "Just for Fun" post! Oh and if you make it all the way down to the bottom of this post you can see the AWFUL but amazing Free Crappy Portrait I got this morning! (The crappy portrait portion of the post would be the "good laugh" part!)

Also -

*I passed my final exam!!! - I'm officially finished with my Veterinary Assistant Certification course - Yaaay! Thank you for everyone who ever so gently pushed me to finally take the exam.* 
So now on to the fun stuff! Miki came up with a little form of sorts because she wanted to know more about her fellow bloggers so without further ado...here's mine!

First on the list is to share a portrait. I'm at work!

A guilty pleasure - Cats. Even though I'm openly obsessed with them...does that count as a guilty pleasure? Maybe not.
A pet peeve - When my neighbors for some reason think they should congregate on my driveway. Neighbors from both sides of my townhome stand in my driveway of all places to talk about their lives. I'm like...HELLO! Stand in your driveway. I know it's silly but gosh darnit I pay for that driveway haha.
A color with a funny name - Mauve or Fuschia - I love both colors but they aren't pretty words.
Something you can totally live without - I have no idea...if I could live without it I probably don't really have it around in the first place.
A made up word you use - Besterest - when I tell my other have he's the "best" but even better than that he's the besterest.
A word you have trouble pronouncing and/or spelling - separate and calendar - I always second guess spelling those words.
Something you'd rescue from the 80s - My Skip-It and my awesomely awful short leggings that I paired with socks and sandals. Yep. I will have to find a photo.
Female/male names you like - Sophie or Sophia and Stefan and Damon (only because the new season and Vampire Diaries started and those vamps are pretty amazing.)
If you could be a movie character for a day, who would you choose? I love Zooey Deschanel's character in 500 Days of Summer. Let's face it...I just love Zooey. It's true.

*If you feel like participating in Miki's posting fun - I'd love to read what you have to say!*
Now...introducing a truly crappy portrait -
I have no idea why it appears both my other half and I are wearing lipstick. Red lipstick at that. And Penelope (the orange cat) is pretty much a giant.
Have you had a free crappy portrait done?

It's here! Mid-Week Tranquility...

I know I say this...almost every week...but I need some tranquility!

I'm like a broken record (which by the way...is really annoying because my record player was acting up the other day when I was trying to rock out to some Elton John thankfully my other half fixed before all heck broke loose!) because it always seems like I'm always needing some rest and relaxation mid week!

So today, here is the reason I need it, I HAVE to take my final exam because the deadline for course completion is Monday! I always get distracted on the weekend and end up not taking it...so I'm stressing about having to do that after work today. I prefer to get my not so snazzy pj's on and collapse on the couch after work!

So without further ado...

There is something so calming and serene about this photo. It makes me feel a little more relaxed just looking at it. 

Now here's hoping to me feeling that relaxed after my exam! : )

Talk to you soon!

What I Wore - *Sunny on a Gray Day*

So over the weekend, we went and checked out an antique town, well it looked like a little town. It's right down the street from our house and it's called Bayard Antique Village.

It's pretty amazing to say the least. I didn't go looking for anything in particular because honestly I didn't know what to expect. We were there for well over an hour but had to flee the scene because the rain was looming over head. 

I did manage to get some shots of my ensemble though to share with you all!

Wide shot - I'm in the 1.00 or Less cottage! The cottages are all so darn cute and different. 

Lookie lookie...this girl found some vinyls! The one you can see...it of course is The Go Go's.
$1.00 a record...yes!

In case you didn't see my Sunday post, it's also where I got this beauty of a necklace, <3!

Do you have any fun "off the beaten" path places like the Antique Village in your city?

Wears Head to Toe -

Dress - F21
Purse - Target
Belt - thrifted
Tights - Foot Traffic
Shoes - Urban OG

Talk to you soon!

Tour of Homes - Last Installment!

Ta Da! Welcome to the final showing of Tour of Homes!

Today is all about the areas that don't really fall into the "public" spaces which are in this case bathrooms and bedrooms. 

But FIRST...I have to share with you a few of the additions to the areas of my home I shared with you last week. I promise there aren't nearly as many photos as last time!

Flowers from my other half...I love when the flowers are dyed because the water always turns such a pretty color. PS - Daisy's are poisonous to cats so we put them outside and I just love the look they have in the pitcher. 

Ahhh craigslist. How I love thee. I found this gem of a vintage record cabinet *the top lifts up for a record player* for only 30 bucks. I just love the look of the record player though so I prefer to keep it out.

And HELLO to my favorite new lamp! I found this age old beauty at a thrift store for only 3 dollars. My grandparents had lamps that the base also had a light inside of it and this made me think of visiting them (and playing with the switch!)

Ooooh pretty...and dusty!

Now you can see what my empty floating shelf was for...I'm in love with my nesting dolls. Seriously. that little guy at the end...is a tiny mouse with a block of cheese!! 

Okay that's it for that! Now on to the NEW spaces!

First up - the half bathroom on the first floor. Nothing special. We don't even have any soap or hand towels! This bathroom is so rarely used...more so by the cats because they have a litter box in there...I of course left that out because who wants to see that!

 But I do have my pretty and "never going to die" fake orchids that I love.

Next up, the master bedroom, still a work in progress! Hello cat toys!

If you remember the last Tour of Homes I included a photo of paint stained shoes...well this beauty of a storage bench is the reason for the paint! I needed extra storage and I found what used to be a white storage bench on craiglist for 20 bucks and it was perfect! (See the pillow? That was a gift to my other half last year at Christmas!)

Our view outside our bedroom windows : )

 I found this lovely fixture at Lowe's and just loved it! I loved it even more once my other half installed it...so pretty!

Ahhh. My closet. And tights apparently that I forgot to take down off the door! And a bear head in the middle of the floor...Benny's favorite toy...he has had it since he was a baby and within the first year he had the head detached from the body haha.
 My pride and joy...my shoes. <3


 Master bath - again - nothing to write home about. I do love my shower curtain...I've had it for ages but the colors make me smile. 

 Our lighting over our sinks.

 Spare bathroom that is out near the loft. It's where I keep my vanity because the master doesn't have any room for it. I found it on craigslist for FREE about 8 months ago and I sanded it down and painted it white. <3
 Did you notice this little beauty on the vanity? My other half made me a holder for my glasses and I painted it fishies under the sea and some are of course wearing glasses :p
 This...is my other half's office. Can you tell a man resides in this area?

That's it! Two bedrooms and two and a half baths!

Now...on to the pretty stuff...the inspirations and future "to do's"

Bedroom - My other half and I don't agree on a lot of decorating style but one that we do agree on is the Shabby Chic look, which is great, because it's one of my favorites. I would love to keep the bedroom color subtle and tranquil but not white.

I love this headboard and wall color.
Loving the furniture here, the distressed dresser and side tables are gorgeous, and that lamp! Oh and the rug is pretty perfect. 

Master Bath - 

Okay so the first photo...isn't likely but I love it!
I would love a chandelier in the bathroom <3

 Okay, so this is more likely, I would love to get rid of the giant mirror and get two separate framed mirrors and update the fixtures to something a little more me!

 In the half bathroom downstairs, the biggest change, I'd love to wallpaper it! 

Are you wondering why the office and the spare bathroom doesn't have any inspirations? Well...those are my other half's areas and I don't think he cares all that much about decor nor would he want me to decorate it!

Head on over to Regina's blog to see her version of these spaces!

Do you have any bedroom/bathroom inspirations or things you'd like to change? Where do your inspirations come from?

Share It!

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