Mid-Week Tranquility!

I feel like I'm so "out of the bloggy loop" not posting and reading much yesterday. 

I've been sick...bleck. Allergies + a serious head cold = a less than happy me.

I'm feeling much better today though, I can get back to the office, so that's always good!

But in "honor" of not feeling peachy keen the last few days, my mid-week tranquility photo, will be one that summarizes where I would've liked to be while being under the weather. 

I am swooning over this room...not just because I'm in the "sick" zone either...it's so warm and cozy. <3

How do you cope with being sick? Do you have a "go to" comfy pj's? Or a movie/TV show that you always watch?

  1. So sorry you're sick! I've been feeling under the weather a bit lately as well.. not sure if it's the weather changing or what. Loving this picture... you're right, it's so warm looking! I could curl up there with a book and cat forever. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ugh, sorry you aren't feeling well. I love the photo. It has such a cozy feel. I love ginger ale and tea (not together, of course) and to lay in front of junk tv.

  3. Oh, that is SUCH a delicious room! All the pillows in the corner... the wallpaper and hovering books... *double swoon*

    I just realized I haven't been sick at all in a loooong while, over a year!

    Usually, I just browse the web until it makes me feel sicker. With luck, I'll have a entrancing book to read....


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