Thrifty "Tutorial" Thursday - Eeeek it's almost October!

I am so excited that it's almost October for a few reasons - 

* I can start decorating (and shopping) for Halloween goodies - I have my own house to decorate this year!
* My next hair appointment is at the end of October so more red to come!
* It'll be that much closer to not being hotter than was 95 degrees yesterday!
* Since we live in a family filled neighborhood...we'll have trick or treaters this year...yaaay!

What are you excited for in the upcoming month? 


So I found a super simple and inexpensive tutorial to share with you guys!

Stop by Lemon Jitters for more details on this oh so adorable revamped hair accessory idea!

*It is more or less pretty self explanatory just looking at it but there are a few extra details on Lemon Jitters


Last but not least...a cute cat little Trixie and Penelope taking their cat naps. 

Talk to you soon!

  1. Awwww sweet kitties. Going to take a peek at the tutorial as well, the clip is adorable. :) I'm right there with you on things to be excited about for October. I am also finally living in a neighborhood where I can really decorate and pass out candy!!! So excited. :D

  2. I wish we had trick or treaters in our building! There are kids around, but our condo complex is right next to a neighborhood with houses, so all the kids go over there. Womp, womp.

  3. i'm excited for the weather to start getting colder... i mean not total freezing, but that perfect fall chill.

    your kitties are the CUTEST OMG.

  4. Same here, Paige.
    We live in a monster building —19 floors, overlooking all the cozy houses— so we will get no trick 'o treaters...

    We will probably just go out looking for them!

    Hooray for October!
    This year, I want to decorate like never before! :D

  5. Awe, Trixie and Penelope are so freaking cute! :D

    And cool tutorial; I saw a similar one on P.S. I made this, but she used fabric instead; it's a great idea :P.


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