Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday....and a Hairy Trauma's not a trauma. 

I'm just SOOO ready for my hair appointment that is coming up this Saturday. 
Do you ever get to the point in between hair appointments that you just want to wear a hat?

My roots are a good inch grown out, so I have light brown roots up against black hair, and my bangs just won't grow the last couple of centimeters so I can put them behind my ears rather than pin them back every day.! I'm still planning on getting my hair colored red (as long as as my hairstylist is willing to do it!) and I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and cut my bangs again because I miss them.

Do you have any "want to try" for a hair cut/color?

Okay, sorry, enough with the hair talk!

On to the craft and it's a good one!

Do you have old vintage patterned sheets handy? Are you at a loss at what you can do with them other than use them for their original purpose? If so you're going to love this tutorial. 

*Vintage Sheet Cocktail Napkins* 

For the entire tutorial go check out Kojo Designs, it's a super simple tutorial, and the end result is just so lovely! If I had some vintage sheets this would be a must to make!

Talk to you soon!
  1. Aww, that will look so pretty on you! I have always wanted try auburn hair, but I'm a chicken and have always just had boring ol' brown. But you only live once right? I should just go for it! :)

    I definitely know what you mean about that annoying in-between stage with bangs. Mine are like that now and I can't figure out whether to cut them or let them grow!

    Have a great day!

  2. Excited to see the red! I thought about growing my bangs out but I really think my face looks better with them and I've kind of become attached... :P I've thought about going BRIGHT red but I don't think I could talk my friend (who is also my hair stylist woop woop!) in to doing it. I still might try though! Hehe.

  3. aaaack! Red is awesome! DO IT! I love love love my red...been red for 8 years and I'll never go back!!!! I hear you on the bang front. I've never had, ever. But for some reason I decided this last February to cut me some....and I have had no idea what to do with them since. They are always the wrong length. Always! Well except for when I walk out of the stylist - they're like the perfect lenght for the drive back home..but by the time I get home they're either too long or too short. But I shall persevere!!!!! I cannot wait to see you with red hair! You better post pics! :)

  4. Love this! I say go for the bangs! They're great for fall and winter. Summer can be annoying because they can stick to your forehead. I'm so excited to see what you do with it! :D Love the tutorial too!

  5. Those napkins look great! If only I knew how to sew :/ ...

    And, yes! I desperately need an appointment with the hair dresser. I haven't had it cut for over 7 months ... I'm looking into a new haircut :p.

    Have a nice night! And a great day tomorrow! ;D



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