Movin' on to September - Fabulous Friday Finds!

Boy am I ready for a three day weekend. This work week has gone by incredibly slow but I'm assuming it's because I am in fact counting down to the long weekend!

I'm so excited to share with you another batch of fabulous finds!

*Also, I just read that UrbanOG is offering a pretty nice coupon for Labor Day and I had to share with my shoe lovin' ladies out there - use coupon code LABOR0902 for 25% off!*

There isn't any rhyme or reason to my selection to share, as usual, it's just recent items that sparked my fancy (though there does seem to be a good bit of home accessories)!

Look for the Silver Lining print via FlapperDoodle aka Scathingly Brilliant - I must've been in the dark but I didn't realize Kate also had a shop until I read her post yesterday. I must admit I ordered a few items as soon as I saw her shop!
Vintage Mushroom Cookie Jar via ProjectRandom - This is such a cute jar! Love the colors too!

Pink Pleated Ascot via Urban Replay - I came so so close to buying this beauty but I really don't think it's my size...but maybe it is...I really need to measure my waist. *Mental note*

Mice Under Mushroom via Retro Mod Eclectic - Okay so another mushroom makes an appearance but these little guys are SO cute! 

Retro Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers via Vintageous102607 - What a dreamy little face that owl has...he looks like he's about to doze off for a mini owl siesta. What an adorable way to add some salt to your meal!

There they are lovelies! Do you have any finds on your list of "faves" that you are close to making the jump and buying? 

Talk to you soon!

  1. I love the mushrooms! So cute.
    I've seen far too many cute vintage boots on etsy as of late. I am trying so hard not to buy them. There is no way I can justify that sort of purchase with all of the shoes I currently have, haha.


  2. Great great items. I love anything mushroom and I really might need to buy that cookie jar.......

  3. i just saw an entire set of those mushroom jars when i went thrifting yesterday! i've seen them on other thrifting blogs too... i feel like they're just one of those items every thrift shopper comes across at some point, so keep your eyes peeled! :)

  4. OMG! I grew up with that mushroom jar in my mother's kitchen! Oops, I think I just showed my age...

  5. The mushroom jar is so cool, and I lvoe that illustration! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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