Fabulous Friday Finds! Oh how I love Fridays....

Not only is the weekend swiftly approaching, where I can sleep in (until one of the fatty fatty fat cats gets hungry at 6:45 and wakes me up by meowing until my eyes open) and finally order some new glasses because it's pay day!! Woo hoo! 

I've used Zenni Optical for my glasses for about a year now. Have you tried them before? They are by far the least expensive glasses I've found and all you need is your prescription and PD (pupil distance) info and you're set! Oooooh I can't wait! 

But I have to pay my first mortgage payment since moving into my new house...eeeek! 

So on to the Fabulous Finds!

A Letter for my Valentine Antique Brass Necklace via LaPetiteBoheme - I love the romantic feel of this necklace and the chain with the little decorative piece that connects it to the charm is SO feminine and fabulous!

Candy Corn Pom Pom Garland via freakedoutnsmall - I am obsessed with how friggin cute these are! Can't you picture these as a part of your Halloween decor? They are so fluffy and cute! One of my absolute favorites...come on October! : )

Ceramic Deer Bookend via penorus - How cute is this little guy? He looks so excited to be holding up some books...<3

Plaid 3/4 length skirt via slideshowvintage - I am in love with this skirt!! It's been in my list of favorites for weeks now and low and behold the owner of the shop is having a 30% off sale and this skirt is already marked down to $14 bucks so it would only be $10! Sadly...it is just a smidge too small for me! If someone snatches this up you've got to share how fabulous it looks!

Vintage Houndstooth Pet Carrier via ElectricCupcakeCo - How stylin' would a little rascal be in this? The little flap opens up to a window for the pet inside...ahhh...so cute I can't even stand it!

Did you have a favorite out of the list? Do you celebrate pay day with buying yourself something that you "want" not "need"...or is that just me?!

Talk to you soon!
  1. Hi, Jenna! Hope you're feeling better now! ;) Let your kitties take care of you and you'll get over it! ;P

    Thanks for the tip on the glasses! David's been wearing his, which we fixed with tape :/, for months now.

    And I totally love that bookend! ;)

    Have a fun weekend!!!


  2. Yes, agree with chantilly! That necklace is sooo pretty.. I've favorite, who knows, maybe someday.. :D Have a nice weekend! :)

  3. Hi Jenna, I'm your Package Pal :) I'm so looking forward to sending you a present from Australia! This comment took a while to reach you :)

  4. Jenna! Thank you so much! I just finally got our internet sorted out (the move went horrible). Just popped over to see how you've been and saw this post! Thank you so much! ♥


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