Fabulous Friday Finds - Woo hoo!!

Yaaaay! It's Friday and it's fall!

I am celebrating the first day of fall by wearing a fabulous new dress I got from the ever so amazing Shop Speedy Girl with tights that just scream "wear me during fall!" (Even though it is going to be in the 80's today...I shun you summer!) I will have to share the ensemble with you guys soon. Maybe next week : )

Okay, ready for some finds? (PS - if it were pay day I would so be buying at least one of these)

Narwhal Brooch via Leanimale - Loving this brooch, what a cute little Narwhal, and the colors are so gorgeous and fun!

Busy Bee necklace via eelizabeth - I love the the crest shape of the necklace paired with a light and fun little busy bee!

Hourglass Dress via yardofgoods - This is without a doubt...my favorite find...I'm slightly in love with this dress! The colors, patterns, shape of the dress...divine!

1970's shoulder bag via babesinvintageland - Not only is this hand bag amazing but it's vegan too which is a plus! I love the color of brown it's so rich...love!

Owl Glasses Holder via penorus - Okay so this little beauty already sold but I had to share. My heart was a little sad when I saw it "sold" in my favorites but the shop still has an ENORMOUS amount of super cute things. I think I have at least ten items in my favorites.

That's it! Did you see anything you loved? Do you have any must haves in your list of favorites on Etsy?

I swear...even window shopping makes my heart go pitter patter...<3

Talk to you soon!!

  1. Oh, the narwhal brooch is too cute!! I really love the colors!

    And yay for fall! I am so excited!!

  2. I feel like narwhals are very under-used animals. I love it when they pop up.

  3. Super cute finds! I really love the dress and the owl. So sad it sold! But still soo so adorable. :)

  4. What lovely finds! I am in love with that vintage dress, and also the narwhal brooch :D

  5. i think that little owl stole my heart (and i don't even wear glasses)!


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