Tour of Homes - Part One - *Photo Heavy*

Hello lovelies!

So glad you stopped by to see how my new home is coming along...and to really see it for the first time!
I'm not going to lie, there is still a lot to do, but apparently most changes cost money. Which is so not fair!

Regina at Live Delightfully is also participating in the Tour of Homes. Regina recently moved to Texas! So stop by her fabulous blog and see her new place too!

Okay so are you ready? I hope you make it all the way to the end! Let's go!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Greetings from Merlin (down there on the bottom left!)

Once you walk in - you've got the kitchen on the left, the dining room, living room, and patio outside. Oh and that door on the right the guest bathroom.
Sorry for the super bright photo...the aperture wasn't set correctly!

My other half's spice rack that I found on Etsy way back when.

I love our countertops, it's not granite, but it's solid surface and it's black and sparkly! And my kitchen isn't complete without an issue of Cat Fancy. I have to have something to read while my Ramen noodle water boils!
An anniversary gift to my other half, we waited to hang it until we moved into our first place, I love it! 

Enter the dining room and Trixie apparently. And the ever present cat toys...

My lovely dining set from craigslist. Since I took these photos (Saturday) I've added a rug and pulled it away from the wall. 

Um...the worst piece of the house...ugh. This awful dining room light. Apparently the builder doesn't give a crap about basic style! This is the NEXT thing to go!

My fave little area right under the bar.

Good ol' tried and true cat tree. This was a pain to move. They are extremely expensive and I refuse to pay what they go for...luckily...I found it on craigslist for CHEAP! The cats should thank me for it!
Ah, the couch, I love this couch. It's the perfect size...though the pillows that came with it will need to be replaced. You can see my trusty computer and my purse lounging on the couch!

The new rug! I LOVE it...I found it at Lowe's in the clearance section...yay for finds like that!

Lastly on the first floor is the outside area. This patio furniture that's perfect for two, was another clearance find, this time at Target for 40 buckaroos!

That's it for the living room!

 Walking up the can usually find one of the little lions at the top. 

A close up on the wall art that Penelope is highlighting so wonderfully in the photo above.
Two of which are mine - the cat painting is by me as is the uber colorful drawing on the right - the rest are from my FAVE artist Jessica Grundy aka solocosmo I'm so excited to have another batch of prints coming my way! 

Next up in the loft/studio - My desk - oh how I love my desk!

My little sitting area is my favorite...mostly because of my chair...which I found at an estate sale. Don't mind the cord that is my internet!

Some close ups of the bulletin board behind my desk.

It's covered with fabric and stapled over the top of the cork board. My dream catcher is from my mom and some little cards from solocosmo.

Some photos I took that make me smile and a Thank You note I drew for a seller on Etsy that I was her first customer.

My favorite chair, it was my grandfathers, this was his chair he sat in while he painted. 

To the right of the desk is my beloved bookshelf
A little break down of the items on the shelf!

My Ohm cat, a gift from my mom, he's such a serene little cat isn't he?

Art books that were my grandfathers, they fit perfectly in the spot they occupy on the shelf, it's like they were meant to be there!

Another piece from my grandparents, this little kitten has survived a copious amout of years, and moves. My grandparents had it for 20+ years!

Some photos and little zoo animals that my other half and I bought while visiting the Jacksonville Zoo a long time ago and lastly my little ugly doll kitten that I made!

Cameras! My thrift find Minolta that I still have a few exposures left on before I can develop the film and see if it is a working camera and my trusty Mini Instax.

Oh how I love this vase and my little garden fairy...both thrifted finds!
 My sewing nook, I wanted to try to keep my desk clear because I can be the queen of overdoing items on my desk, plus it keeps the machine out of harms way when it comes to cats. The thread container is behind the machine...also good to keep away from little cat paws. I tucked my easel in the corner also.

And of course the fleece, I'm getting dangerously close to feeling like I'm ready to open up my Etsy shop again, so I've got my fleece nice and tucked away. I have to keep it pretty tight because otherwise, as you can see, it gets pulled out by little paws.

Lastly, the wall opposite my fancy blue wall, a couple thrifted finds to hold odds and ends and animal figurines! The floating shelf is for a nesting doll that I bought off a vintage site on Etsy that I'm anxiously waiting to receive!
 Lastly, my fabulous bouquet of flowers, that are actually pens with duct tape flowers on the top. LOVE them!!

A little preview of what's to come on Part Two of the Tour of spray paint...just what did I paint?!


Inspirations and To Do's -

Kitchen -

Tin. I LOVE the look of the tin backsplash. I didn't get to choose the upgrades in my house when it was being built so we just sort of got what the previous buyer chose. I would have preferred not to have the tile that is on the floor double as the back splash. I'm hoping down the road I can change it up to something like these

Living Room (a hodge podge of ideas) -  We have a lot of emtpy wall space to say the least - in addition to painting it either a neutral shade or a bright yellow like in the 4th photo - I'd love to add some interest on the walls and a FABULOUS chair like the one below.

 Dining Room - I have ONE thing I want to change - the light and I would love something like the photo below.
(All inspiration photos are via pinterest but my computer was working against me and I couldn't get the links to credit)

 That's it! Did you make it? I hope so!

I guess changes are all in due time but it's so difficult to do things little by little! Do you have any changes you'd like to make in these areas of your place?

Don't forget to stop by Regina's blog today to see how her home is coming along after her move!

  1. Very nice Congrats!!

    I like the kitchen back splash... but then I read that it's the same tile as the floor :( I can see why you'd want to change it!

    Bummer that everything costs money to update or change.

  2. For having just moved, you've gotten a lot done! I agree about the light fixture in dining room. The brass is very early 90s.

  3. love all the sneaks into the room :) I am doing a little redecorating myself.. and picking out paint colors this week :)

  4. Wonderful! :) You have a gorgeous home! Can't wait to see your next post! :)

  5. Oooohhhh, I am IN LOVE with the bookshelf in your studio! Where did you get it?

    Pretty jealous of your house, too <3

  6. Hey Bre! Thanks :)
    Here is a link to where I got it -
    It's sold in pieces so you can get any configuration you want!

  7. Thanks so much for showing me the prints of mine that you hug up! They look so cute!!! I love them!

    Your house reminds me of mine, cats and all! We have Mr. Minkerton and Sugarplum!

    ALSO - WE HAVE ALL THE SAME BOOKS - I swear that could be my bookshelf!

    Lovw how your place is coming along, makes me want to do this on my blog too, we just moved into our new house a few months ago.

  8. Wow, your house seems very spacious! :) I particularly love your studio and the cat tree, oh, my! :P

    Hehe, Cat Fancy! That's so cute! Now that you've mentioned ramen, have you seen Ramen Girl starring Brittany Murphy? It's very entertaining ;).

    And, if you want to look into house decor, I totally recommend this site from my home country, Argentina ;D

    Nite, nite! -.- Hugs!


  9. Great tour -- by the way porcelain cat in family about 60 years.....Can't wait to see the dining room with rug, etc. Love the inspiration photos too....way to go. It is coming along great. You can tell you LIVE in your loft.

  10. Your place is great!! I should have written down everything that I LOVED because by the time I got to the bottom I forgot some of them! No complaining about the picture heavy post though.. I loove it. :) :) Oh, and our bookshelf contents look so similar! We have a lot of the same books. :P Glad to hear you all are settling in and making it your own. :)

  11. your apartment is so cute! and i love your cat!


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