Join me in a good laugh and a brief departure from Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday!

I'm going to take a short siesta from TTT so I can participate in Miki's "Just for Fun" post! Oh and if you make it all the way down to the bottom of this post you can see the AWFUL but amazing Free Crappy Portrait I got this morning! (The crappy portrait portion of the post would be the "good laugh" part!)

Also -

*I passed my final exam!!! - I'm officially finished with my Veterinary Assistant Certification course - Yaaay! Thank you for everyone who ever so gently pushed me to finally take the exam.* 
So now on to the fun stuff! Miki came up with a little form of sorts because she wanted to know more about her fellow bloggers so without further's mine!

First on the list is to share a portrait. I'm at work!

A guilty pleasure - Cats. Even though I'm openly obsessed with them...does that count as a guilty pleasure? Maybe not.
A pet peeve - When my neighbors for some reason think they should congregate on my driveway. Neighbors from both sides of my townhome stand in my driveway of all places to talk about their lives. I'm like...HELLO! Stand in your driveway. I know it's silly but gosh darnit I pay for that driveway haha.
A color with a funny name - Mauve or Fuschia - I love both colors but they aren't pretty words.
Something you can totally live without - I have no idea...if I could live without it I probably don't really have it around in the first place.
A made up word you use - Besterest - when I tell my other have he's the "best" but even better than that he's the besterest.
A word you have trouble pronouncing and/or spelling - separate and calendar - I always second guess spelling those words.
Something you'd rescue from the 80s - My Skip-It and my awesomely awful short leggings that I paired with socks and sandals. Yep. I will have to find a photo.
Female/male names you like - Sophie or Sophia and Stefan and Damon (only because the new season and Vampire Diaries started and those vamps are pretty amazing.)
If you could be a movie character for a day, who would you choose? I love Zooey Deschanel's character in 500 Days of Summer. Let's face it...I just love Zooey. It's true.

*If you feel like participating in Miki's posting fun - I'd love to read what you have to say!*
Now...introducing a truly crappy portrait -
I have no idea why it appears both my other half and I are wearing lipstick. Red lipstick at that. And Penelope (the orange cat) is pretty much a giant.
Have you had a free crappy portrait done?

  1. Haha! I've got to join that free crappy picture craze!

  2. First off, congrats on having passed your final exam!!! ;D

    And thanks a lot for having completed the form! :D It was cool to know more from you! I totally google Skip-It, haha, had no idea what that was.

    And that portrait ... oh, my! Your husband is wearing lipstick, haha! Love your pic, btw, you look cute!

    Have a great day! :D


  3. I haven't had a free crappy portrait done yet! but soon :) happy thursday!

  4. Congrats on passing your exam and finishing the course. That's aweeesome!!! :D I love your portrait.... it's hilarious. Especially ginormous Penelope!! :P :P I also alwaaays want to misspell separate.

  5. I'm totally looking for pictures to send them right now. I want my free crappy portrait!!!

    Congrats times a billion on passing your test! You must be over the moon!


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