Hey Monday! - I Quit...Cold Turkey?

So what in the world does the post subject mean?

I have a confession. If you know me, you know I like to shop. 

Too much.

Are you one of those people that not only shops because you want something but also because it makes you feel better? 
At least during the initial shopping, purchasing process, and of course the arrival of the item if you were shopping online.

Well I'm one of those people. It makes any bad feeling or emotion I'm having just disappear or lessen significantly when I shop.

But now it's gotten to the point where the act of shopping is what is causing me stress. The stress of wanting something I don't need, buying it anyway, having to make room for more things I don't need, and of course the bitter realization of what it's doing to my bank account.

So really that's all today's post is about. Maybe if I put it in writing I'll be forced to come to terms and SEE the impact it has on both myself and my family.

Sometimes I look around at my things and panic...what if there was a fire or a flood? I want to make sure my family is safe before I even think about the materialistic things and by the time I got 5 panicked cats safe and sound...everything else would probably be gone. So why keep buying things?

I think I will have to just quit. Cold turkey. No "but" or "ifs" to be included in this shopping cleanse. That's what always gets me in trouble when I try to cut back. 

I don't need anything. 
Well....except for cat food and when birthdays and holidays roll around.

So this is my declaration to myself, my family, and anyone reading this...

I am going to give up/quit shopping for least 9 months.
**With the exception of necessities & gifts (for other people)
And my birthday...I mean come on...this promise is happening 12 days before my birthday BUT I will not splurge. I limit my personal b-day gifts to...50 dollars.**

My goal is to fill the time spent shopping with new or existing hobbies. 
Any ideas?

Does anyone else struggle with this shopping addiction? 
Is shopping a way to de-stress or feel happy for you?

Thanks for reading my not so dirty little secret.

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