Things I Fancy Friday - The Black Friday but not really Black Friday Edition

Hey everyone!

How was your Thanksgiving? Are you a non-meat eater like me and have meat eating family members making it a somewhat sparse Thanksgiving meal??

This year my mom and step dad were out of town so the above didn't happen so much...not like it can normally be with a lot more family in town. My husband was super accommodating to my non-meat eating self. 

Did you partake in any of the crazy Black Friday Madness? I never have and I don't think I have it in me to ever participate. I am an avid online shopper so the Black Friday online deals and the Cyber Monday deals are more my speed. 

So because today is technically Black Friday that's what I'm calling this edition of TIFF. Just cuz' it fits and because ANYTHING I share here is probably on sale for a steal of price.

But really...have you bought anything?? I wanna know what goodies you snagged!


Ugh...Urban Outfitters is dangerous for me. More so their website because they have more things on sale online that aren't on sale in store. These babies are divine...I LOVE a good pair of dramatic frames.

Another Urban find. I love love love "catch all" dishes and this one is perfection for obvious cat-like reasons. I was at the store last weekend and it was full price and online it's on sale!

Ideeli has SEYCHELLES for 12 dollars!! As I'm typing this there are only 2 left in red and 1 in silver so chances are slim there are any left. BUT if you are pining for a pair of Seychelles for an affordable price keep your eyes peeled on Ideeli because they are the main source for low priced Seychelles. At least from what I've seen. 

If you don't use Target's Cartwheel app you are missing out. I've saved 24 dollars in the last couple of months since I started using the app PLUS the 5% I save with my red card. A little bit goes a long way and you don't have to fuss with hard copies of coupons. You just add eligible items to your cartwheel then the cashier scans the bar code from your phone and BAM...savings.

E_Cell on ebay has some of the prettiest and hilarious cases. If you are looking to add more phone cases to your life...make sure to check these out first! 


See...I told you good deals! I hope if you are looking for Seychelles they still had one or two left in the size you need! 12 bucks is just nutty.

I will see you in a few days...I have a stunning polish to share with you on Monday!

What I Wore Wednesday - Roller Skates and Russian Red

Well I'm back.

Honestly I wasn't sure if I would continue to post outfit photos after my hiatus during all the wedding planning and what not.

My husband will be in grad school soon and he was the one that took my photos but without him around the house much at all I didn't want to keep posting outfits and have to figure out a way to take the photos!
My camera isn't compatible with a remote control shutter so that was out of the question.

But alas...there's my phone.

Granted the quality isn't as great and due to the sun setting earlier I don't have great inside light to make the photos more crisp and detailed BUT...I really love being able to look back and my clothing choices over the years. So I'm going to go this route and hopefully fine tune as time goes on. So hang in there with me during the bumpy road of iphone outfit photos!

My past photos were all taken in my back yard so the view much better but I think my "art wall" in my loft serves as a fun background. Hopefully you think so too! goes nothing!


Rollar skate dress - Sugarhill Boutique purchased via Zulily
Cardigan - thrifted but I believe it's Target brand
Tights - Anne Klein purchased at TJ Maxx
Shoes - ANNA shoes brand purchased via Hautelook
Pearl Necklace - vintage
Nail Polish - Cadillacquer - Bring On the Night
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red

Details -  


So what do you think? Do you mind seeing one single not perfect "main" photo with a few detail photos?

I personally don't mind it but I'd love to find out what you think!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you're able to stop by on Friday to see the Fancy Finds!

Lots of love.

Mani Monday - Too Fancy Lacquer Review - Sweet & Sour and Macklemore!

Hey hey hey!

How ya doing this fine Monday morning?

Can you believe it's nearly Thanksgiving?

In a few short months I'll be celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary! Crazy...I feel like I JUST got married.

Did any of you watch the American Music Awards last night? What did you think?
Not that this is surprising but my goodness Justin Timberlake's performance was awesome!
Also I think Macklemore and Ryan Lewis AND Philip Phillips were robbed for the breakthrough artist for 2013...

Speaking of Macklemore...the live show we went to on Saturday was AMAZING. I took a couple videos and have one at the end of this mani post if you want to see it!


I don't have AS many photos as I normally do because my camera had a heck of a time focusing on this beauty. It was SO shiny and rich that it made my camera work over time. It's a stunning and unique shade. It's not orange and it's not's more along the coral lines. The beautiful purple/pink specs in it really bring it to life. LOOK AT THAT MACRO!!

Too Fancy Lacquer is having a restock today so make sure to stop by! She has some beautiful new stunners coming to the shop today.


Now to close up the post...

First I have to share my Macklemore mani with you : )
I tried my best to mirror their CD in mani form!


Here's a nearly 7 minute video from Saturday. I apologize I turned the damn phone sideways half way through so you may have to suffer through that but there's a beautiful pre-song talk and then Same Love. Again...such an awesome day!

Things I Fancy Friday - Modcloth, Foxes, Macklemore, AND Jeffrey Campbell!

Happy Friday you guys!

Man do I have exciting news!

I won tickets to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis live tomorrow!! I've never entered any contest on Facebook until yesterday and I can tell you now that I makes me want to enter more! :-)

Talk about luck. I'm one of those people that it's a rare occurrence to win anything but I'm thrilled luck was on my side yesterday!

What's the most recent concert you've been to? What was your first concert?
Mine was Diana Ross with my mom...way way way back when.

Anywho...I have a little special Macklemore bit to share with you at the end but make sure to check out the Finds on your way there!


A few weeks ago while helping my friend Jess look for an affordable fox print scarf I stumbled upon this beauty on ebay. Then their website shortly thereafter. This company, based in the UK, has the most adorable and colorful scarves I've ever seen. I need them all.

This dress is SO cute!! I love the navy trim paired with a very fall colored dress. Adding to my wish list.

Oh look...more Modcloth. I'm going through withdrawals not being able to spend money on all the things I have in my cart! I'm totally window shopping via my blog. I have yet to scoop up any of these Charter School Cardigans because I just rationalize spending more than 10 bucks or so on a cardigan...because I'm cheap. BUT they are lovely...especially this dreamy olive colored one!

HOLY HELL...these things are amazing. Jeffrey Campbell knows how to make a pair of show stopping shoes! And they're on sale...(side note...OMG Fred Flare is closing up sad!)

This tablet case is THE cutest! And not just because it has a napping gray cat on it...okay maybe that has a lot to do with it.

People are going mad over these new matte balms from Revlon...I probably would be too if I could track them down! They seem to be sold out everywhere! Needless to say...I want the red!


I leave you with this. In celebration of me and the hubby winning tickets to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tomorrow!

Side note - I seriously cry when I listen to this song.

See you Monday!

What I Wore Wednesday - The Return!


Today isn't the official return of What I Wore posts. It's more of a heads up for next week because if all goes according to plan *crosses fingers* it'll be up and running next Wednesday aka the day before Thanksiving so I'm not sure how many of you will be around to give it a look!

The format will be changing. Before all of my outfit post photos were taken by my husband and for the most part they were ALL outside. Fast forward a year...I need to come up with an alternative because my husband will be in grad school soon and won't be around the house much since he won't be in the same city! :( I think I've come up with a "fix" so we shall see next week ay?

So until are some outfit collages that you may have seen if you follow me on instagram but I thought they'd be fun to share given the subject of the post!


Dress - LC from Kohls (similiar)
Cardigan - OLD...forever 21 probably
Tights - Target
Shoes - Blowfish bought via Zulily
Earrngs - I have no idea...I think they're from World Market of all places
Dress - Modcloth
Shoes - BAIT from Zulily
Tights - Modcloth again!
Dress - basic fit and flare from Target
Shoes - Basic patent black flats from Zulily
Tights - Kensie brand from Zulily sale
Necklace - Forever 21
Head band - from ebay years and years ago

Dress - oh look another LC from Kohls!
Shoes - more shoes from a zulily sale!
Cardigan - another oldie but a goodie from Target
Head band - Forever 21
Top - Forever21 (similiar)
Cardigan - OLD from Target
Shoes - Gift from my mother years and years ago
Dress - Modcloth
Tights - Target


Whew! That was like a super condensed version of a handful of outfit info!
Sorry I couldn't provide ALL the specific info. If you do have any question about anything you see just leave a comment and I'll get back to you or you can find the photos on my Instagram too!

See you Friday!


Mani Mondays - Aly's Dream Polish Review - Peridot

Hey guys!

How goes it? How was your weekend?

I cannot believe it's nearly Thanksgiving. After this work week it'll be time for a short week and time for Thanksgiving. Time flies I tell you.

I know I shared an Aly's review a couple weeks ago but I painted my nails over the weekend with this baby and had to snap some photos to share. It's too gorgeous not to share!

And if your birthstone is've gotta have it! 


Aly's is known for her holo...and this is a beautiful representation of why she's a holo queen!

This stunner is obviously green but it leans a gold/yellow which makes my opinion...the most beautiful non-offensive green. Yeah...non-offensive. Some bright greens can be...not cute.

Two macros for your viewing pleasure. I wanted to share a photo of the green and when it leans gold/yellow.

Bottle shot.

My favorite photo!! Ugh...all the holo goodness. Gimme all the peridot!

Coats -
Three - Not because it was necessary. Just one more for good measure. Opacity is in two coats.
Longevity -
I'm at 3 days and still no chips and no tip wear
Color Intensity -
INSANELY fabulous. Don't wear it if you don't want people to point out how fab your nails are.
 Top Coat -
HK Girl
Base Coat -
Orly Nailtrition to strengthen and Pretty & Polished Base Coat


If you missed out on Aly's pre-order that I believe ended on Saturday don't fret! She'll open back up in December! Make sure to follow the Aly's FB page so you can stay up to date.

Until next time...

Things I Fancy Friday - It's All About the Ladies

Hey everyone! How goes it? Good, bad, fabulous?

My husband is going to get his hand (see my last post for details if you missed it) looked today and hopefully get his stiches taken out and hopefully get some good news about how it's healing. *crosses fingers*
I'm hoping for a quiet weekend after the chaos of last weekend!


I wanna start off by saying...I have a couple polish reviews coming up that are freaking fabulous. I hope you stop by here to check them out!

Okay so you may be wondering...what IS this post about??

I want to shine some light on some ladies that are just working it.

Yep that's the gist of it. Let's get to it.


Okay well this may be an obvious bit to include but I mean...who DOESN'T love Jennifer Lawrence? Well besides Joan Rivers of course. Every time Ms. Jennifer gives an interview or a sound get such a "real" feeling from her. It doesn't feel like thank you.

Freaking Kat Dennings. She's kicking ass and taking names on 2 Broke Girls nowadays but she had me at Charlie Bartlett and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. 
And Kat in the Thor movies...some of my fave scenes.
And...she's a cat lady. For realz.

Keiko...I swear that girl can do NO wrong. Which of course is why she is such a fierce lady on the blogosphere. She rocks fab frocks, can wear lipstick like no other, is a cat lady AND a dog lady, has the sweetest relationship with her fella. Seriously. Loves.

"source 1"                                                        "source" 2

Emma Watson is so damn chic and fabulous. She won us over as Hermione but totally kicked butt at showing the world how talented she is after Harry Potter was all said and done. Perks of Being a Wallflower...come on! She's gorgeous, humble, and so fierce.

If you know know I love some Jessica Lange. Talk about a powerhouse. The woman can do no wrong. And in my opinion...she makes every season of American Horror Story. Word on the street this is her last season and I hope to heavens that's not true! She sells me on every character she plays...hands of the best actors past/present/future.


Okay so a little departure from my normal Friday post but I hope you didn't mind!

There are some really fabulous ladies out there in the world of web and almost makes up for all the dreadful ones in the spot light!

I will see you Monday...come by for a review of another Aly's Dream Polish!!

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