Mani Mondays - Aly's Dream Polish Review - Peridot

Hey guys!

How goes it? How was your weekend?

I cannot believe it's nearly Thanksgiving. After this work week it'll be time for a short week and time for Thanksgiving. Time flies I tell you.

I know I shared an Aly's review a couple weeks ago but I painted my nails over the weekend with this baby and had to snap some photos to share. It's too gorgeous not to share!

And if your birthstone is've gotta have it! 


Aly's is known for her holo...and this is a beautiful representation of why she's a holo queen!

This stunner is obviously green but it leans a gold/yellow which makes my opinion...the most beautiful non-offensive green. Yeah...non-offensive. Some bright greens can be...not cute.

Two macros for your viewing pleasure. I wanted to share a photo of the green and when it leans gold/yellow.

Bottle shot.

My favorite photo!! Ugh...all the holo goodness. Gimme all the peridot!

Coats -
Three - Not because it was necessary. Just one more for good measure. Opacity is in two coats.
Longevity -
I'm at 3 days and still no chips and no tip wear
Color Intensity -
INSANELY fabulous. Don't wear it if you don't want people to point out how fab your nails are.
 Top Coat -
HK Girl
Base Coat -
Orly Nailtrition to strengthen and Pretty & Polished Base Coat


If you missed out on Aly's pre-order that I believe ended on Saturday don't fret! She'll open back up in December! Make sure to follow the Aly's FB page so you can stay up to date.

Until next time...

  1. i got a polish very similar to this a few weeks back, this is my favorite color of holo i think - so cool looking!


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