Things I Fancy Friday - Modcloth, Foxes, Macklemore, AND Jeffrey Campbell!

Happy Friday you guys!

Man do I have exciting news!

I won tickets to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis live tomorrow!! I've never entered any contest on Facebook until yesterday and I can tell you now that I makes me want to enter more! :-)

Talk about luck. I'm one of those people that it's a rare occurrence to win anything but I'm thrilled luck was on my side yesterday!

What's the most recent concert you've been to? What was your first concert?
Mine was Diana Ross with my mom...way way way back when.

Anywho...I have a little special Macklemore bit to share with you at the end but make sure to check out the Finds on your way there!


A few weeks ago while helping my friend Jess look for an affordable fox print scarf I stumbled upon this beauty on ebay. Then their website shortly thereafter. This company, based in the UK, has the most adorable and colorful scarves I've ever seen. I need them all.

This dress is SO cute!! I love the navy trim paired with a very fall colored dress. Adding to my wish list.

Oh look...more Modcloth. I'm going through withdrawals not being able to spend money on all the things I have in my cart! I'm totally window shopping via my blog. I have yet to scoop up any of these Charter School Cardigans because I just rationalize spending more than 10 bucks or so on a cardigan...because I'm cheap. BUT they are lovely...especially this dreamy olive colored one!

HOLY HELL...these things are amazing. Jeffrey Campbell knows how to make a pair of show stopping shoes! And they're on sale...(side note...OMG Fred Flare is closing up sad!)

This tablet case is THE cutest! And not just because it has a napping gray cat on it...okay maybe that has a lot to do with it.

People are going mad over these new matte balms from Revlon...I probably would be too if I could track them down! They seem to be sold out everywhere! Needless to say...I want the red!


I leave you with this. In celebration of me and the hubby winning tickets to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tomorrow!

Side note - I seriously cry when I listen to this song.

See you Monday!

  1. You just like Macklemore because he gets excited about thrift shops too... Lol

  2. mark is right, you do love a thrift shop. those heels are no. still love you though x

  3. OMG! I love the scarf website too. I wonder what price they are in America??? 4.99?

  4. OMG! I love the scarf website too. I wonder what the cost in America is? 4.99?

  5. I cry every time I hear Same Love as aren't the only one! Also, I sobbed when I first watched the video.

  6. Have fun!!! I love Macklemore!!! And those shoes!! I want! They're sold out!


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