It's Here! The 100 Fabulous Follower Giveaway Celebration!

I am SO excited for a few reasons. 

1) - You guys are all so amazing!
2) - I can't wait to make a custom pet bed for one of you
3) - It makes me smile like a kid in a candy store (or me in a bookstore) that people enjoy reading my crazy ramblings and fun crafty finds.
4) - Did I mention that you guys are amazing?

So here's the deal! The giveaway will consist of one of my basic size beds found in my shop - 18x18, 24x24, or 26x20 - I'm up for variations of sizes the winner will just have to let me know what they need!
The fabric choices and customizations (such as a monogramed applique) will be up to the giveaway winner. The whole design specs will be in the winners hands! We'll work out the details after the giveaway is over. 

How to Enter:

The must have -
*You have to be a follower of this lil' ol' blog*
Leave a comment with your name and email so I can contact you if you win 

Optional Entries - 
(Each will count as a separate entry, leave a comment for each so you get as many chances as possible!)

*Blog about the giveaway and include the link in the comment
*Post about the giveaway on good old facebook and also include a link in the comment
*Lastly, leave a comment telling me how many pets you have and what are their names!

So that's it! Simple enough ay? 

The giveaway will be open until July 29th at midnight and the winner will be chosen by!
PS - at this time giveaways are only open to US and Canada.

Good luck!

  1. awww, what a cute giveaway!

    i have four cats, and they would love a pet bed :)

    chantillysongs (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Congrats Jenna and thanks for your generosity! I have 5 cats (yes 5!) whose names are George (she's a girl), Rocco (she's a girl too), Sadie, Flea, and Waffles.

  3. Yaaay!!! Gratz on 100! :D

    I have four pets! Yama (my doggie), Jinx (my kitty kitty) and 2 betta fishies named Rupert and Chloe!

    seamarie87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and here's my contact info: Thanks!

  5. woohoo congrats on 100. my little dogs could always use a new bed. they both snore very loudly lol.

  6. This is so neat! I'm glad I found your blog :)

    I have five pets:
    Two Chihuahuas: Antonio Jr. & Gizmo
    One Huskimo (Siberian Husky x American Eskimo dog mix): Sasha
    One Brown Tabby Cat: Jake
    One Mali Uromastyx Lizard: Z (short for Zeppelin)

    my e-mail is info AT kaw-studios DOT com

    Thank you!


  7. My furry pet is named Daphne and she would love a new bed! ♥

    Glad to meet you through the Etsy Blog Team...
    I am your newest blog follower! :)

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts.
    I welcome you to visit my blog, too.

    Mary C. Nasser

  8. My email address is paintmary (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. oh yeah, my email address is
    and i have a cat named chance and a dog named maddie!

  10. I follow this blog. :)

  11. I have 1 cat named Rasputin (who is driving me nuts as I type this).

  12. My name is Mad and I can be reached through Etsy convo at

    I read about your blog in the Cat avis unite! thread.

  13. I have 10 cats: Fred, Ashley, Bob, Smokey, Missy, Shadow, Tabby, Callie, Nicolas Alexander, and Brooklyn Marie.

    (should be interesting to see who gets the bed!)

  14. Please enter me! We have our promised our children a kitten ~ their first ever pet ~ and we'd love one of your beds!

  15. New Follower! Found you on Etsy :)

  16. I blogged about this giveaway-

  17. Posted on Facebook too :)

  18. Hi, I found your post in the Cat Avis Unite! discussion forum on Etsy. I have a sweet Rat Terrier mix, named Missy, and 4 cats: Trey, a male orange tabby, Olivia, a female torti, Claire, a female orange tabby, and Stephie, very fluffy gray and white cat who still looks like a kitten! Although they are quite willing to sleep on our beds, it would be nice for them to have comfy beds of their own!

  19. Oh, I can be reached at Thanks!

  20. I almost missed it! =/ I'm already a GFC follower =)


    Arizona Girls
    Arizona Girls Face Book
    Arizona Girls blog

  21. I need to get to bed so I'll do the blog post and facebook later today =)

    You really want to know how many pets we have?? seriously?? haha Ok here it goes

    6 dogs-Samson, Jasmine,Bell,Sandy, Midget and Twink and....
    7 cats-Baby, Smokey,Midnight, Tom, Tigger, Phantom and Sylvester.

    You asked hahaha


    Arizona Girls
    Arizona Girls Face Book
    Arizona Girls blog

  22. I would so love a custom pet bed :)


  23. I have one cat, her name is Pepper. We have been together since I was in 8th grade!

  24. I love this blog because it is user friendly with appreciative information.
    follower kaufen


I LOVE reading your comments, it brings a smile to my face, you lovelies are the best! If you have a question or comment and have your email linked to your blogger I will without fail respond!

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