NerdLacquer Review and Swatches - Viper

Well I have a fun one to share with you today!

A NEW NerdLacquer polish...NEW! 

NerdLacquer restocked about a month ago with three new colors! Unfortunately it was around 3 am and I was asleep. So by the time I woke up the new ones were long gone. I managed to set up a trade for the three new ones (I shall miss you truly La La Land) because I am an avid NL collector. I didn't want to wait for another restock and was tired of waiting until all hours of the night for one to happen!

I'm just thrilled to have them! Today I have Viper to share with you. The other two new additions to the line are Ragnar and Frak.

Let's get to it!

**outdoors - indirect sun**
Coats -
Three thin coats. But really I think two regular coats would suffice...I just didn't want to stop painting my nails because each coat was so pretty!
Color Intensity -
I'm nothing short of obsessed with this color. Out of the three new colors from NL I thought I would like this the least but I LOVE it. The olive green and all the gold throughout make this so freaking fantastic. There's also gunmetal and bronze glitters! What?? Gosh I love the thought process of NL. There's always that little extra something that makes each polish special.
Base Coat - 

There are still colors in stock in the shop

Hopefully there will be another restock, there's been two in the last couple months, so here's hoping the three new colors will be restocked!

Were you able to snag anything from the most recent restocks?

My World Sparkles Lacquer - Lexi My P.I.C. and Crazy Cat Lady

Hello hello polish lovers!

I'm back today with another round of My World Sparkles Lacquer!

I introduced you to this "first time on my blog" brand on Monday with Goddess Serena and today I've got a couple more beauties to share!

Lexi My P.I.C is the first polish up to bat and I'm showing this one to you in two ways. First, as a topper, over black and then worn on it's own. 
Crazy Cat Lady, in my experience, is best when it's used as a topper. CATS!

Don't forget about the BOGO code - LUVMWSL - more info on that at the end of the post!

Let's get to the photos!

(blue/lavender iridescent in a translucent magenta base with various glitters)

These swatches are shown over Essie Licorice - one coat of Lexi

The remainder of the swatches of Lexi My P.I.C. are shown on it's own - three coats


(glitter polish loaded with multi-colored cat head glitters, hearts, and ultra fine hologram glitter in a clear base)

Swatches shown over Essie Licorice with one coat plus placement of glitters
Coats - 
Lexi My P.I.C. - One coat over Essie Licorice then three coats on it's own. No issue with formula or application. 
Crazy Cat Lady - One coat over Essie Licorice to get lots of holo glitters then individual placement of glitters. 
Color Intensity -
Lexi My P.I.C. - What a super BOLD topper if paired with an undie. Man what a difference between when it's used alone or as a topper. Really fun and spunky. The glitters (even the stars) were no issue getting onto the nails. I'm obsessed with it over black!
Crazy Cat Lady - I shall deem this the World's Most Amazing Novelty Polish...I <3 cats. I had no issues with needing the be more "hands on" with the glitters. This type of glitter is just heavy so it's best to just pull out the ones you want to add to that glittery holo base. This is a MUST for cat lovers! 
Base Coat - 

 Where to find My World Sparkles -

So don't forget you can use the code LUVMWSL to get a free polish when you buy one! Yep - BOGO - one of my favorite type of codes! The code can be used on the Etsy shop link above.

**polishes were sent to me for my 100% honest review because not being honest is super lame!**

NailNation 3000 - The Polished Princess Customs

Not too long ago The Polished Princess over on FB had four customs made by NailNation 3000 for her page!

Today I have all four of them to share with you!

Three of the four of these beauties are actually listed for sale in the NN3000 shop but not for long!

I have all the info for you down below! 

Enjoy the photos!
**outdoors - direct sun**

**outdoors - direct sun**
**outdoors - direct sun**

**outdoors - direct sun**
Coats -
As with most of my NN3000 polishes...all polishes shown are with two coats. As issues with application or formula. All fabulous!
Color Intensity -
The Polished Princess - Red/Pink/Burgundy lovers I hope you snagged this one when it was for sale! This is a shifty beauty. As you can see there is a lovely gold shift plus lots of holo goodness throughout!
Cafe Au Lait - As I've mentioned and brown polishes don't really have much of a love affair. But this dark and lovely beauty is SO dark it's darn near black. And I do love black and near black polishes. It has a subtle and sneaky holo which brighten this up in the sun. Really beautiful!
Restless Nights -  This is the my favorite polishes out of all four! I love all of my blue NN's and this one doesn't fall short! This is absolutely stunning in person and even more so in person!
Gild the Mani - Now gold is not a friend of mine...and my pale skin. But for people who DO love gold this is a beauty. Plus there is a subtle holo shimmer in this in the sun. It really is beautiful and fabulous for the holiday season!
Base Coat - 
Where to find NailNation 3000 -

Sadly The Polished Princess namesake polish isn't in stock. These started out only being available via The Polished Princess FB page and then the extras were added to the store. The other three are still available but won't be for long! I believe they will only be up for a couple more days!

So grab the ones you love while you can!

I will see you tomorrow!

**Three of the four polishes were sent to me for my 100% honest review because not being honest is super lame!**

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