Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer Review and Swatches - Cathedral Collection

Hey guys!

I hope you enjoyed seeing Witchy from Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer yesterday!

Today I have the Cathedral Collection to share with you! I love the inspiration behind this collection.

Cathedrals at night lit by the candles and moonlight. If that doesn't sound hauntingly beautiful I don't know what does!

My review of each polish will be at the end of the post!

So let's get to it shall we?

(cool, dark indigo blue, with a slight light blue frost that can be seen when the light hits it)
**outdoors - direct sun**
(hauntingly beautiful duochrome in shades of teal and blue)


(smoky slate grey, with slight undertones of plum with metallic flecks of rich, warm copper)

**outdoors - direct sun**


(classic copper glitter bomb topcoat) 
Above - over Lady Katrina - clear gloss top coat on left and matte top coat on the right
Below - over Cathedral - clear gloss top on left and matte on the right
Above - Vintage Copper - 2 coats over Cathedral
Coats -
Sinister - Three thin coats. This is more of a jelly formula but is easily opaque in three thin coats.
Lady Katrina - Two coats
Cathedral - Two coats
Vintage Copper - Gradients lightly dabbed on. One coat on index finger fingers. Two coats over thumb.
Color Intensity -
Sinister - This is such a dark and lovely deep navy. The shimmer in the polish adds so much depth. The application was easy peasy also. No staining.
 Lady Katrina - Duochrome polishes aren't really my fave but the colors in this are SO vibrant and bright. It's a little more frosty than I prefer but the colors in this win for me so I'm still loving it. It's a super bold color and I love that! Application was swell. A little brush stroke-y (because that's a word) due to the finish but nothing that will stop me from wearing.
Cathedral - I love this one! It leans brown and plum depending on the light. Since I'm not wild about brown the plum in this really makes this wearable for me. Super wearable because I LOVE it. And the gold flecks in it?
Vintage Copper - I don't really enjoy glitter toppers. But listen. I saw this in the bottle and swooned. I'm not nail art savvy so here's hoping I pulled off the glitter gradient. I'm lucky because Vintage Copper looks freaking amazing over Lady Katrina! I love it over Cathedral's the more subtle use of it...I love how each polishes look with the topper. LOVE!
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base CoatLiquid Lacquer base coat  

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to Mystic Muse the last couple of days!

There is lots more to come from the brand and I can't wait to see!

Do you have a favorite from the collection?
Where to find Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer -
**polishes were sent to me for my 100% honest review because not being honest is super lame!**

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