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Hey guys!
I have the final polish to share with you from the Chakra Prism Collection by Aurora Lacquers.
If you missed my posts featuring the first four polishes click here and here.
Today I want to show you the glitter topper that is a part of the collection. It's such a beautiful topper full of iridescent glitters that really capture the whole collection in one shimmer topper!
So speaking of the whole's a recap in collage form!
(shimmery clear glitter topper filled with silver holo triangles and a rainbow of iridescent glitters. Created to symbolize the meaning of clear mind and full spectrum of the chakra colors.)

**you see that pretty triangle in the photo on the left? Well I'm told that they are much easier to remove from the bottle if you set the bottle upside down for a few minutes before you use it**
Over Aurora Lacquers Anja Vision
**clear coat on the left and matte top coat on the right in ALL sections**

Over Mentality Elizabeth
Over Mentality Tough 

Over NailNation 3000 Crimson Creme 

Over Essie Licorice 


Coats - Two thin coats on each polish - perfect mix of base/glitters - no issues with thickness or application in general.
Color Intensity - This is such a fun topper! It catches seemingly endless colors. It has a totally different feel depending on the color you use it over. My personal favorites are the blue and black!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
Where to find Aurora Lacquers -

I hope you enjoyed all the pretties from the Chakra Prism Collection! There are 2 more polishes in the collection that I don't have so I can't share swatches but I'm sure they'll show up on the blogs soon!

Tomorrow I'll have swatches of Enchanted Polish - La La Land to share!

**polishes were sent to me for my 100% honest review because not being truthful is super lame**

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