MAC Cosmestics Review and Swatches - Rocky Horror Picture Show LE Lipsticks

Alright lipstick lovers!
I was finally able to sit down and swatch the three LE lipsticks from the recently released Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection!
Sadly, like most highly anticipated collections from MAC, these sold out FAST. Even with the snafu of the collection releasing a day late!
I managed to acquire the three lipsticks that are limited edition. The fourth in the collection is Sin, which is not LE, it was just released in this collection with the fancy RHPS packaging.
I will do my review of each lipstick at the end of the post so all I don't break up all the photos with all the technical stuff!
So let's get this swatch party started!
(yellowish brick red - MATTE finish)

**after 2 hours of wear**
(vivid blush red - AMPLIFIED crème finish)

**after 2 hours of wear**
(deep raspberry wine - MATTE finish)

**after 2 hours of wear**
Primer -
No priming but I used a very light exfoliator before applying my lipstick. Once in the morning because my lips have been so dry. 
Coats -
More of less the same across the board. All of the lipsticks were very opaque without a heavy handed application.
Staying Power -
ALL of them I would give a 9/10 based on the 2 hour timeline photos alone!
Strange Journey - Minimal build up/caking - as you can see there was some after 2 hours but not nearly as much as some matte lipsticks from MAC.
Oblivion - Beautiful all the way through! My lips felt soft and moisturized the entire wear time. The fading was slow and even with very little bleeding into the lip lines. Really fabulous especially for a crème!
Frank-N-Furter - Less build up and caking than SJ but the fading was less even for me. The color still stayed really well especially considering I was drinking from a water bottle the entire time.  
Oh and another fun can totally see my roots!! Gah! I wish I was able to spend a small fortune to get it touched up! I have to save that kind of lavishness to do whenever I manage to get a call back for an interview!
So which is your favorite? Did you snag any when they were released?
My favorite is a tie...between Strange Journey and Oblivion!

See you tomorrow!

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