NerdLacquer Review and Swatches - Viper

Well I have a fun one to share with you today!

A NEW NerdLacquer polish...NEW! 

NerdLacquer restocked about a month ago with three new colors! Unfortunately it was around 3 am and I was asleep. So by the time I woke up the new ones were long gone. I managed to set up a trade for the three new ones (I shall miss you truly La La Land) because I am an avid NL collector. I didn't want to wait for another restock and was tired of waiting until all hours of the night for one to happen!

I'm just thrilled to have them! Today I have Viper to share with you. The other two new additions to the line are Ragnar and Frak.

Let's get to it!

**outdoors - indirect sun**
Coats -
Three thin coats. But really I think two regular coats would suffice...I just didn't want to stop painting my nails because each coat was so pretty!
Color Intensity -
I'm nothing short of obsessed with this color. Out of the three new colors from NL I thought I would like this the least but I LOVE it. The olive green and all the gold throughout make this so freaking fantastic. There's also gunmetal and bronze glitters! What?? Gosh I love the thought process of NL. There's always that little extra something that makes each polish special.
Base Coat - 

There are still colors in stock in the shop

Hopefully there will be another restock, there's been two in the last couple months, so here's hoping the three new colors will be restocked!

Were you able to snag anything from the most recent restocks?

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