Mani Monday - Julep Review - Valerie's that time of year again...

The holidays are coming to a close and the days off from work are coming to a close too.
(insert cries here)

I had a fabulous time off this past week and am sad to see the week end and a new one begin.

I hope you all had a great holiday no matter what you did or didn't do!

My hubby took me to Ikea the day after Christmas as part of my Christmas's a 2 and a half hour drive from my we don't get out there very often but it's always fun when we do go! Do you have one near you? There were a couple things I was looking for but were out of stock...time to plan our next trip!

I was going to share my Christmas mani with you today but thought people may be tired of seeing red and green nails and red and green in general! 

I have a tendency to forget about my Julep stash of polish because I have so many indie brand polishes so I try and make the effort to use one every so often. Then it reminds me why I love Julep so much!


Valerie is a rich and dreamy dark teal with little flecks of gold and blue in it!

This had easy peasy application.

The gold is hard to capture in a photo...but it's there!

Oh you can see the little blue flecks in this photo!

Hello blurry thumb nail...I swear I tried taking this photo multiple times and it just wouldn't cooperate. But you can see that this lady is called Valerie!

Ugh...Love this so much.

Valerie shines even though she is deep and dark.

Coats -
ONE coat...normally I cannot not use two coats because I'm OCD about it but this was perfection in one.
Color Intensity -
Gorgeous and impossible to ignore
  Top Coat -
Base Coat -

Valerie can be found on the Julep site and if you're a maven you can snag it for less than retail with free shipping!

Do you have any Julep polishes? Which is your fave or what have you not tried yet that you'd like to?

I will see you Wednesday!

What We Wore Wednesday - Christmas Edition

I'm posting from my phone due to the fact I'm computer-less!

So Olive and I are here to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

See you soon!!

Mani Monday - Ozotic - 621 Review - My Christmas Party Mani!

Happy Festivus everyone!

Are you celebrating the great Festivus holiday today?

Let's get our grievances aired out people!

I love that starting on the 23rd all the holiday festivities really start to roll out. 

On Friday my mom had a Christmas party and I donned this beauty for the occasion. 

There was one photo snapped that my husband and I were actually in so I'll share that too. Even though it's blurry...

So....on to the real reason why you clicked the link to this post!

The 621!


Hubba hubba!

Ozotics are the easiest to come by but they aren't the most difficult either. I will provide a list of places to get them down below!

Ozotic is a brand made by Picture Polish but it's just their more expensive line of polish.

I snagged this baby from a sale that the lovely Esther over at Philly Loves Lacquer was having when she was re-homing some polish!

It's so shiny it hurts my eyes!

As you may have guessed by now...sometimes...most of the time I have issues choosing just one macro duo shots. You can see how it leans orange in some light and more red in other light.

Coats -
Two perfect coats with no stand out formula issues.
Color Intensity -
Intense but it's not in your face vivid. A nice rich red.
  Top Coat -
Base Coat -

Picture Polish is a Australian based company so unless you want to pay big shipping prices then I'd advise you to shop at a US stockist for this brand.

Llarowe (the best place to snag them)
Ninja Polish
Overall Beauty


I know Christmas is Wednesday but I will still be posting a little something :-)

Things I Fancy Friday - Special Edition

So my polish loving ladies...or to ladies that know polish loving ladies!

I'm take a brief departure from my normal "TIFF" post because I'm swamped with festivities as the week closes out.

But I wanted to share with you a giveaway I'm a part of!

Angie over at My So-Called Chaos is hosting some very special giveaways during December!

My giveaway is the feature today so make sure to stop by if you want if you want a chance to win these fabulous and festive glitter polishes!

PS - If you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes (hello Mr. Cumberbach!) that polish on the right is part of a Sherlock Holmes collection!! More info on Angie's post!

I will see you bright and early Monday!


What I Wore Wednesday - Forest Frolic - Featuring Ms. Olive!

Hey guys!

Are you counting down the days until Christmas like I am? 

The hubs and I are considering taking a little road trip to Orlando during the extended break I have during the week of Christmas but we get into SO much trouble when we go to IKEA. 


Are you traveling for the holidays are staying put?

Okay so I have to admit...there was slight false advertisement on my part in regards to the content in today's post since...there is no forest or much frolicking. It's what popped into my head when all the colors of the outfit came seemed very nature inspired.

There are way too many creatures in the forest for me to frolic in...I'll leave that to the pixies...they can take care of themselves.


Cardigan - Sorry I have no idea...I bought it second hand from someone!
Glasses - Zenni Optical
Dress - Modcloth (similar...the green is out of stock right now)
Tights - my fave super odd colored tights from Target
Shoes - Chelsea Crew via Zulily sale
Brooch - Vintage bear paw brooch from Etsy
Lipstick - NYX Matte in Alabama
Nail Polish - Essie Watermelon and American Apparel - Coney Island

Detail photos below - 

Hi Olive!! It's almost impossible to take these photos without her walking into the frame so I figured I would just scoop her up for her close up!


I wish I could say I feel compelled to wear these colors only during fall and winter but it's not true...I'll totally wear this in summer. Also...I know my nails are so not in the realm of this color scheme but matching is just not my cup of tea obviously!

See you Friday :-)

Mani Monday - A England Review - Dancing with Nureyev - Ballerina Collection and an Enchanted Polish Snippet

Happy Monday guys and dolls!

How was your weekend? Any last minute Christmas shopping? I'm in a bit of a present pickle and I'm trying to find the answer but am having a hard time doing so...I can't divulge because you never know whose reading!! ;-)

This is the last full work week of December for me so it's going to be very's hoping I can keep my head on straight...or at least in tact! 

Today I have an absolutely stunning polish to share with you. A England is always a winner but this Ballerina Collection has taken the cake for dainty and divine. 

(I also have a swatch collage of Enchanted Polish Holiday 2013 to share with you because I couldn't wait until next week!)

On to some drop dead gorgeous photos...if I do say so myself.
(Photo Heavy)


This little lady shines so bright even in photos!

Nureyev is mostly blue but it can lean a little lavender in the right light. 

All of the 4 polishes (I plan to review each one slowly but surely) has a slight duochrome effect but not an in your face amount. 

This polish literally sparkles indoors in the evening with your most basic house lamp on.

Sorry there are so many photos...I couldn't narrow them down!

I wish I could've gotten a sun shot...but the Florida weather was not on my side!

Two macros...just because. One so you could see the rainbow more prominently and the other because it's so pretty!!

And another duo for your viewing pleasure...
Bottle shot!

Actually I wore this polish last week when I went to see John Mayer and Phillip Phillips! 
It just fit...two bluesy fellas crooning paired with this stunner of a pale blue polish. They were meant to be!

Coats -
Two perfect coats. Easy peasy application. Not too thick and not too thin. No streaks.
Color Intensity -
Oh come on...
  Top Coat -
Base Coat -

A England is a UK based company and can be found at stockists based in the states. They do sell pretty quickly and this collection is somewhat tricky to find but they'll all surface! Keep an eye out on -

Llarowe - all 4 are in stock except this one!
Ninja Polish - it doesn't appear NP has stocked this collection yet
Color4Nails - this one is also out of stock!

Come follow my Facebook page and I will try and keep a look out for this to pop back in stock and let you know!

And before I bid you is the Enchanted swatch collage!
(spoiler alert if you haven't see the mystery holiday polish and are waiting to receive yours don't scroll down!)


I will see you on Wednesday!

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