Mani Monday - A England Review - Dancing with Nureyev - Ballerina Collection and an Enchanted Polish Snippet

Happy Monday guys and dolls!

How was your weekend? Any last minute Christmas shopping? I'm in a bit of a present pickle and I'm trying to find the answer but am having a hard time doing so...I can't divulge because you never know whose reading!! ;-)

This is the last full work week of December for me so it's going to be very's hoping I can keep my head on straight...or at least in tact! 

Today I have an absolutely stunning polish to share with you. A England is always a winner but this Ballerina Collection has taken the cake for dainty and divine. 

(I also have a swatch collage of Enchanted Polish Holiday 2013 to share with you because I couldn't wait until next week!)

On to some drop dead gorgeous photos...if I do say so myself.
(Photo Heavy)


This little lady shines so bright even in photos!

Nureyev is mostly blue but it can lean a little lavender in the right light. 

All of the 4 polishes (I plan to review each one slowly but surely) has a slight duochrome effect but not an in your face amount. 

This polish literally sparkles indoors in the evening with your most basic house lamp on.

Sorry there are so many photos...I couldn't narrow them down!

I wish I could've gotten a sun shot...but the Florida weather was not on my side!

Two macros...just because. One so you could see the rainbow more prominently and the other because it's so pretty!!

And another duo for your viewing pleasure...
Bottle shot!

Actually I wore this polish last week when I went to see John Mayer and Phillip Phillips! 
It just fit...two bluesy fellas crooning paired with this stunner of a pale blue polish. They were meant to be!

Coats -
Two perfect coats. Easy peasy application. Not too thick and not too thin. No streaks.
Color Intensity -
Oh come on...
  Top Coat -
Base Coat -

A England is a UK based company and can be found at stockists based in the states. They do sell pretty quickly and this collection is somewhat tricky to find but they'll all surface! Keep an eye out on -

Llarowe - all 4 are in stock except this one!
Ninja Polish - it doesn't appear NP has stocked this collection yet
Color4Nails - this one is also out of stock!

Come follow my Facebook page and I will try and keep a look out for this to pop back in stock and let you know!

And before I bid you is the Enchanted swatch collage!
(spoiler alert if you haven't see the mystery holiday polish and are waiting to receive yours don't scroll down!)


I will see you on Wednesday!

  1. STUN!
    I lack colors like this in my collection - gonna have to try and procure this gem!


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