Mani Monday - Julep Review - Valerie's that time of year again...

The holidays are coming to a close and the days off from work are coming to a close too.
(insert cries here)

I had a fabulous time off this past week and am sad to see the week end and a new one begin.

I hope you all had a great holiday no matter what you did or didn't do!

My hubby took me to Ikea the day after Christmas as part of my Christmas's a 2 and a half hour drive from my we don't get out there very often but it's always fun when we do go! Do you have one near you? There were a couple things I was looking for but were out of stock...time to plan our next trip!

I was going to share my Christmas mani with you today but thought people may be tired of seeing red and green nails and red and green in general! 

I have a tendency to forget about my Julep stash of polish because I have so many indie brand polishes so I try and make the effort to use one every so often. Then it reminds me why I love Julep so much!


Valerie is a rich and dreamy dark teal with little flecks of gold and blue in it!

This had easy peasy application.

The gold is hard to capture in a photo...but it's there!

Oh you can see the little blue flecks in this photo!

Hello blurry thumb nail...I swear I tried taking this photo multiple times and it just wouldn't cooperate. But you can see that this lady is called Valerie!

Ugh...Love this so much.

Valerie shines even though she is deep and dark.

Coats -
ONE coat...normally I cannot not use two coats because I'm OCD about it but this was perfection in one.
Color Intensity -
Gorgeous and impossible to ignore
  Top Coat -
Base Coat -

Valerie can be found on the Julep site and if you're a maven you can snag it for less than retail with free shipping!

Do you have any Julep polishes? Which is your fave or what have you not tried yet that you'd like to?

I will see you Wednesday!

  1. I love that shade - such a rich colour. I can't imagine not being close to an IKEA - there's one in my city and I'm there at least every few months buying more things that I don't really need. Ha!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I love Valerie, one of my faves! I don't have an Ikea near me either, I'm so used to living near one, but here in GA, the closest one to us is almost 2 hours away, too. I never get to go, I think my boyfriend knows I would destroy it if we went.

  3. Wow- I almost never get that kind of coverage with one coat of a Julep color. Fantastic! I need to check it out (being a lover of teal things). Thanks!


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