What I Wore Wednesday - Ampersands and Lace

Happy New Year everyone!

What did you get up to last night? Are you a low key lady or do you go big for the new year?

I followed my normal protocol and stayed nice and cozy inside the walls of my house! The hubs and I watched Sherlock (I cannot wait for the next season!) while the cats got freaked out by neighbors shooting off fireworks. 

I'm not big on recap posts or "what's coming in the new year" posts because I honestly just see the "new year" as another day. It's a new year but I don't plan on making big changes or choices. I'm just going to continue taking life day by day and being thankful that I'm still kicking! I don't want to look back or try to figure out what's to come...PS...my 30th birthday is what's to come. Ahhh!

So on that note...here is just a regular old grainy photo outfit post :-) Oh except there are a few extra photos this go around!


My new scarf came in the mail and I wanted to share it because it's fluffy and fabulous.

Sans scarf aka what I actually wore today.

Cardigan - old basic black Target cardigan
Dress - Modcloth
Scarf - from a zulily sale
Tights - Target
Necklace - Kohls (it's on clearance now!)
(my FAVE shoes - check Ideeli for these because they're deeply discounted super often - that's where mine are from!
Nail Polish - Julep Valerie
Lipstick - Milani Red Label

Details below...you know so you can actually see everything!

Whew...that was a lengthy one. Did you make it down to the detail photos? Hopefully because otherwise you couldn't REALLY see the outfit.

Okay I do have one little "resolution" or maybe it's more of a promise to myself...I have to read more this year. I have so many books just patiently waiting for me to dive into them.

  1. love your shoes AND the scarf for sure.....and YOU.

  2. your glasses really suit you! love the scarf, too.

  3. i want to swim in your shoe closet i swear!

  4. You look so pretty and confident and fun! I love the lace dress with the cardi. :)


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