What I Wore Wednesday - Pumpkins and Ponytails

Hello again! 

Today is a test for my comment platform. I attempted to set up Intense Debate so I can communicate easily with anyone who comments. Here's hoping I did it correctly. If you get to the bottom of the post and it's still the blogger commenting platform...well then I will try again haha.

Also...I think the clarity of my photos are a smidge better this week! I think so at least.
I don't look like a ghost attempting to form into a solid being. 

Onward to the ensemble!
And my post title is as transparent as it seems...I have a ponytail and I'm wearing orange.

So it was like 17 degrees yesterday so this is literally how I spent most of my day...even though I was indoors. My office was FREEZING. 

I wanted to share the outfit with and without the outerwear!

Cape - gift from my mom 2 years ago
Scarf - from a zulily sale a few months back
Necklace -  Forever 21
Tights - Target
Shoes - Surprise...it was a zulily sale but they are B.A.I.T brand.
Glasses - Zenni Optical

And as always...details below!

Alright that's a wrap!

I'm pretty excited about this post because I think it's been the best in regards to photo quality. So yay to small victories!

Make sure to drop by tomorrow because I will have a batch of drop dead gorgeous polish photos!

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