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Good morning/afternoon/evening - whenever you find yourself checking out my little blog!

How was your weekend? 
I spent my weekend literally drowning in polish...droooowing!

I've been trying my darndest to get ALL of my polish swatched onto nail sticks. I've been working on it for a couple weeks now. If I had to venture a guess I would say I'm about 75% finished. Wishful thinking...

Okay now onward to the polish to end all polish brands...

So if you're a NL fan you know these babies can be HARD to come by due to a lot of limited editions that are near impossible to snag AND the fact that you just never know when and if the NerdLacquer shop will restock!

It pays to check in every day now and again though because a couple months ago the shop WAS restocked!! 

I've finally gotten around to sharing one of the polishes I picked up that fateful evening.

 I have for you today - 
(deep blackened teal with blue, aqua, green, silver and holographic glitter. As sparkly, mysterious, and enchanting as the HDF.)

 I want to point event horizon is NOT a deep blackened teal. Why? I have no idea but I'm totally cool with that. Possibly a new formula.

 Mac the ro's...

With a top coat this is as smooth as any non-glitter polish. Honestly it's not really all that rough without a top coat.

Coats -
Two coats. Easiest coats of a glitter polish I've ever used.
Color Intensity -
Bright and vivid. Gorgeous. Fun. It is everything! I wore it for 3 days with no chipping or tip wear.
 Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat -

Come back tomorrow for the second installment of my Sherlock Inspired Mani series!

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