Enchanted Polish Review - Once Upon a Cloud

Ah the elusive Enchanted Polish!

They can be hard to snag but worth it when you do.

Every so often Chelsea will release a ONE time release stock of a new color/s unannounced.

And once word spreads about said new and unannounced color/s...you best get to the site quickly because the stock will be gone in a flash.

I was lucky that one fine day a few weeks ago and picked up this pretty little number.

And finally I have found THE Enchanted for me. All of them are beautiful but there is something about this one that just fits. I'm so thankful I was around that fateful day when it went on sale.

Once Upon a Cloud is a beautiful cloudy gray the can lean a little lavender depending on the light and is full of whimsy thanks to the cotton candy pink shine and of course the light and shiny holo.


I don't normally do any "flash" photos but I wear fearful that the sun wouldn't be out to take any of it in direct light the next day. I'm including it because...well...it's pretty.

But alas, the sun prevailed and managed to break through the dark skies, and I was able to take this! It's SO dreamy!

See the pretty shimmer of pink on my thumbnail...swoon.

Dual-Macro as always because there are two sides to this beauty that needed to be shared. The light gray and the light and lovely lavender.

And in case you have seen enough close ups...yeah there's three more because I couldn't stop myself from taking photos. At least this way you can see all the lovely shifts of color. So...you're welcome. :)

Coats -
Two coats and honestly one thicker coat would really be enough.
Color Intensity -
This one isn't intense and I don't think it's meant to stop traffic...it feels special like a polish made just for the person wearing it to enjoy.
 Top Coat -
 Essence Gel-Look and HK Girl (Essence first then HK on top of it)
Base Coat -

So if you don't have any Enchanted yet make sure to keep a look out on the site and sign up for her mailing list! Also if you follow Chelsea aka the maker of Enchanted on Instagram she's been known to give little previews of upcoming colors/collections.

Whew! Now that's a wrap!

See you tomorrow lovelies!

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