Mani Monday - Girly Bits Review - Stormy Skies

And....we're back to our regularly scheduled program.

The work week is here yet again.

I will rally until I can rally no more to have a 3 day weekend and a 4 day work week!
(PS - my rallying is pretty pointless)

I have a week chock full of goodness to share with you though! 

So shall we begin?

I recently bought my first polish by Girly Bits, which is a Canadian based polish company, from a Llarowe sale. (Thank goodness for stockists otherwise shipping can be pricey when you're outside of Canada!)

I snagged it honestly because it was one of the only ones still in stock due to the big sale and I COULD NOT be more thrilled with my chance choosing of the color.

With all that being is Stormy Skies!


ARE YOU KIDDING ME with that blue?

The shine and sparkle is so bright and happy. I was staring at my nails like a crazy person!

And I was so wowed by the fact that even in my dark horribly lit living room it still sparkled...I had to take a photo to share that polish phenomenon. 

Blurry...blame the sparkle. But I just love the font on the label!

Two macros so you can see the bright blue and the "stormy" blue that different lighting brings out.
Also the little dark bits are darn bubbles that I caused by painting the top coat too quickly. Novice move! My apologies but you can still see all the pretty.

You can really see the sparkle the light glitters give here. 

Coats -
Two very easy coats. Not thick at all. Long lasting (for me at least) I wore it for two days without any chips or tip wear
Color Intensity -
So lovely and so dainty but still very striking. I obviously don't choose my colors based on season since I'll wear black in summer and light blue in winter but for those of you who choose colors by season...this is a stunning color for spring/summer.
 Top Coat -
 Essence Gel-Look and HK Girl (Essence first then HK on top of it)
Base Coat -

Oh and you can follow Girly Bits FB page and Llarowe's FB for info on restocks and new colors!

Now I want to wear this color again...

Make sure to come by tomorrow for my review of Enchanted Polish - Once Upon a Cloud!

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