LynBDesigns Review - We All Do Silly Things from the Sherlock Collection

Hey guys!

So if you follow my blog's Facebook you know that I've been under the weather the last few days hence my lack of a What I Wore post yesterday.

Now I'm still feeling...for lack of a better word...blah but I can at the very least share some polish!

So...I have another Sherlock inspired polish. It's not part of the "Sherlock series" as I'm focusing on one brand for that series.

But who really cares about if it's in the series or not? Because it's fabulous and it's pretty...and it's inspired by Sherlock.

Speaking of brands...

This beauty if from LynBDesigns. When I first got into indie polish way back when this was one of the first brands I started to buy. I STILL am a huge fan of LynB polishes...I have over 30 of her polishes in my stash!

You must go check out her Sherlock? Love Doctor Who? Yeah there's collections for those and more!

(This color is a magenta crelly base with pink, blue, purple, and silver glitters.)
Description taken from the listing.

If you watch probably love Molly like I do. This spunky polish is based off of her character :) Which is why I had to buy it.

I used just my regular base coat and no undies (aka no base color) this was with 3 thin coats.

This was such a fun color to wear. I'm obviously a huge fan of glitters and this beauty wasn't short of them. The base pink/magenta was SO pretty too.


Coats -
Three thin coats - Easy glitter polish - no issues. Smooth as can be.
Color Intensity -
A bright pop of color. I was told by someone how pretty it was and that it wasn't an "in your face" base color but it still catches attention.
 Top Coat - HK Girl  
Base Coat -

Check back tomorrow for a little non-polish post :)

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