Things I Fancy Friday - Red Lips, Vintage Glamour, and Colorful Clusters

Alert the presses...the time has arrived.
And yes...I know you know I'm talking about the fact that it's Friday...just humor me and pretend you don't know. :-)
Any big plans for the weekend? Or low key ones?
The hubby and I have to drop Charlie, the black and white cat on the far left in my blog banner, off at the vet Saturday. Not to worry...just a check up!
Also...I am tentatively planning on at the very least beginning to swatch my polish stash!
Okay's fancy time.
I love everything about this photo.
The lovely Gentri is working it in every way in this gorgeous vintage inspired ensemble. I'm OBSESSED with all of it.
Yep, more red lipstick. This post has a fabulous run down of some go to reds at lots of different price points.
I love the "stage" like wood platform in this photo. Also the bright and colorful cluster of photos is so fun and fresh.
And another little cluster...I used wildflowers for my wedding flowers so anything like this is top notch for me. I would love to have something like this hanging inside or outside the house.
 Another week is said and done and I'm already preparing for what's to come next week.
I feel like 2014 is going to be a busy one.
Oh! Next week is the premiere of Season 3 of Sherlock on PBS...and I have some Sherlock inspired polish to share with you in honor of the exciting occasion! I'm not sure what day I'll be sharing it but it'll be here at some point next week!
See ya Monday!

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