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Hey guys!

Please tell me you were able to stop by and see my Aly's post yesterday...if not make sure to check it out!

Okay so I didn't really give a heads up or announce this series but's happening.

So as you may or may not know (you totally should know if you don't!) Sherlock Season III began Sunday evening on PBS! If this is news to you...please please please go to Netflix and watch the first two seasons ASAP.

So in honor of my love for the series I thought it would be fun to share some polishes from my favorite Sherlock collection of polishes!

A Study in Polish has such a fabulous Sherlock collection! I have all of them but the two new additions (Not Your Housekeeper and I Do Post-Mortems)

Today I have Consulting Criminal - based on the one and only - Moriarty.

Consulting Criminal is a black jelly packed full of red and silver glitters.

I had this in my helmer for over a month and there was zero issues with any glitter sinking or settling as you can see in the bottle.

The red and silver glitters vary in size giving lots of depth to the polish.

And the man himself...

Coats -
Two coats. No glitter fishing. So easy it should be a crime!
Color Intensity -
Black but not pitch black with two coats. More coats would provide a darker opaque black.
 Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat -

Come back next week for more Sherlock! I'm not sure which in the collection I'll share next week...but I have an idea :-)

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