What I Wore Wednesday - Blush and Boots

Well we're half way through the work week!

Why does it feel like it's barely past Monday? That always happens to me when I'm waiting for packages or something that days passing is the only way to get to the end result.

In THIS case I'm anxiously awaiting my order of swatch sticks so I begin to tackle swatching ALL my nail polish...I don't even want to tell you how much that is.

Anyway...for now let's just chat about clothes and what not shall we?

Dress - bought second hand from someone last year but I believe it's from Charlotte Russe
Necklace - won in a giveaway from Shabby Apple
Tights - Black Tights from Anna Sui
Boots - SODA brand boots from a Zulily sale in 2012! (similar)
Ring - From Instagram shop @kitschy1969
Glasses - Zenni Optical
Lipstick - NYX in Miracle
Nail Polish - Zoya Frida

Details and what not -

Another outfit for the books!

The ability to go back and look at what I've worn in the past and present is part of why I decided to keep posting. When I took a glimpse back at them all...it was scary sometimes but SO neat to look back. (If you want to see more of the past posts just click on the What I Wore tab at the top of the page!)

Come by tomorrow for a DOUBLE dose of NailNation goodness!

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