Pahlish Review and Swatches - Lidded Blue Flame

Hello my friends!

How was your weekend? We really lucked out with a cool down for our weekend weather. We were nearly hitting the 90's and all of a sudden we had a couple of days of temps in the upper 60's. I consider it lucky just because me and the heat are not good friends. 

So today I'm taking it back a little bit to Winter of 2013. This is one of the polishes that was released in the winter collection from Pahlish. So yes that means it's not a polish that is readily available right now but it pops up in destash sales! So it's gone but not obsolete! 

Anywho, I've had this since for a good long while and finally used it, so I had to share some photos of it!

Like last week this post will be one of two polish posts this week plus the coffee break post. 
I may stick to 3 posts instead of 4 posts in the week but it'll really just depend on my weekly schedule!

Lidded Blue Flame
**two coats plus HK Girl Top Coat - easy application and no issues with formula or staining**

Mine is a little more leaning on the gray scale than some other photos I've seen. Some it appears more blue other more gray. I think this is a perfect mix of both colors. Very unique and absolutely beautiful!

Where to find Pahlish -

See ya Wednesday!

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Pretty Serious Cosmetics Review and Swatches - 88mph

Hey sparkle fans!

I have a sparkle packed polish from Pretty Serious Cosmetics to share with you today!

This is the second week in a row that Pretty Serious has been on the blog...totally unintentional...but very much a good thing!

Unfortunately this beauty is out of stock on the website for US/Canadians. If you're out of those two places then you are good to go...otherwise you'll have to find this in a destash sale or wait for a restock!

I wanted a "nude-esque" polish but I wanted it to shine and this definitely fit the bill!

***The photos show two coats - no issues with formula or application - also pretty easy to remove considering all the glitter bits. You will need a couple coats of a thick top coat in order to not feel any texture as this is a textured polish***  

I really do love this beauty! 
I've had it in my untried drawer for SO long. I'm so glad I finally whipped this baby out!

Have a fabulous weekend! I'm out for the week!

Where to find Pretty Serious -

That Gal...signing off!!

Mid-Week Coffee Break - Floral, Citrus, and Bold Prints

Happy coffee break friends!

Today I have a load of spring-esque goodies to share with you.
With the exception of one photo that was just too pretty not to include in the mix!

It's been a busy busy week. More info on that some other time!

So I'll keep this short and sweet. I hope you find some great finds here this week!

This umbrella mug is too cute!

This bedroom is beautiful...even without any color...the bold prints make give it something extra!

And in the complete opposite direction from the first photo...I LOVE this side table!

I just LOVE this flower tattoo. Normally I'm not drawn to tattoos that are floral but I love the muted tones of this!

Ooooh...this is such a perfect little fruit salad for spring! There is honey in it too!

Staying in the fruit theme...this blueberry pomegranate smoothie looks delicious!

That Gal...signing off!!

Lucky 13 Lacquer Review and Swatches - Out of This World Collection

You guys...I have some exciting polish goodness to share with you today!

Lucky 13 Lacquer is such a fabulous brand...I love the bottles too!

The newest collection released is the Out of This World Collection that is filled with fabulous toppers and a beautiful black creme. I have four of the seven polishes to share with you.

Each topper section will include a full mani photo with a matte top coat along with a matte macro! So look out for those!

All photos are shown with the glossy top coat from Lucky 13, except for the matte photos, this glossy little thing is called Elemental Ward.

You'll see a few more photos than normal because I wanted to include different views of the top coats, both on the nail (macro) and on the brush, it was the best way to show the varying colors!

There are lots of photos and info about each polish, as always, is at the start of each set of photos!

**Pure black creme**
***The big claim on this polish is that it's a one coat black polish and non-staining...both are 100% TRUE! The photos below are with one beautiful coat plus a coat of Elemental Ward top coat. I'm so glad to have a go to black creme polish now! It's perfection!***  

**copper, green, gold, and blue color-shifting flake topper**
***This is a topper best used as a topper. I tried it also on it's own but it really shines over a base coat. I LOVE it over black because it really allows the colors to pop! All photos are shown with one coat over Dark Matter topped with the top coat Elemental Ward.
***shown with matte top coat below***  

**pink, orange, green, and blue iridescent in clear base**
***I just love the color combo of these flakies! In the bottle this topper and the next topper look similar but on the nail they are so so different! In the photos only one coat was used alone with the Elemental Ward glossy top coat***
***shown with matte top coat below***  

**pink and blue iridescent flakes**
***I think out of the two clear based toppers this one is my favorite. I just love the delicate colors of the flakies! Photos shown with one coat of Neutron Star with Elemental Ward glossy top coat***
***shown with matte top coat below***  

So much iridescent flake goodness!

I love how the color shifts are so fun and bright. 
Any matte top coat will kick these top coats into a whole other universe!

Do you have a favorite?

PS - I will be posting three days this week instead of four!

Where to find Lucky 13 Lacquer -

That Gal...signing off!!

*polishes sent for my review and honest opinion!*

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