Scofflaw Nail Varnish Review and Swatches - I am the Narwhal

Hello again!

So after I shared my featured mug in the Mid-Week Coffee Break last week...I had to bring back some narwhal to the blog. 

What better way to do that than share this beauty from Scofflaw!

Oooooh shiny narwhals.

**icy silver blue shimmer polish with steely silver highlights - filled with small silver and turquoise glitters**
***I used two coats for this beauty and topped it with HK Girl Top coat - like all Scofflaw polishes - the formula was perfection just like the application***
**outdoors indirect sun**

I finally got my hands on this beauty during the last restock. 

Do you have this fancy narwhal in your stash too?

Where to find Scofflaw Nail Varnish-

That Gal...signing off!!

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