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Hey friends!

I never thought I would be reviewing anything that had to do with Frozen. Normally Frozen merch isn't anything that draws me in. Not that I'm not a huge Disney fan...I just haven't found the time to watch this insanely popular movie yet!

Then I saw the section in Walgreens that had the Frozen collection in it. I knew this was releasing but had no idea when it would hit my little city. Low and behold I saw the whole shebang one day! The hubs and I recently celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and I was so excited that these beauties were a gift!

So let's get this Frozen party started! 

***I was immediately drawn to this color when I saw it on the counter. I could see the aqua shimmer in the bottle...the icy shimmer was freaking intoxicating...so shiny. The formula was easy as was the application. In the photos you will see two coats. Both polishes are topped with HK Girl Top Coat***

Warm Hugs
***This baby was nearly a one coat. Actually it would be a one coat if you were purposely going for one coat. I didn't have any idea it was going to be so I really scraped off the brush before applying my first coat. This is a stunning pink/orange...dare I say in the coral family. It's more pink leaning than orange. Some photos it'll lean a little more orange. It all depends on the lighting really. The application was spot on and the formula was lovely***  

This collection is exclusive to Walgreens. So if you haven't see it yet...keep checking!

See you tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!!

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