NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Spring Collection 2015 - Part 2

Yes indeed I'm back for round two of NailNation 3000 swatches!

Yesterday I shared some new releases from NN that are more or less strictly worn alone. None of them would be considered a top coat. Today, I'm flipping the script, and showing you some pretties that are either meant to be a top coat or can be worn alone or as a topper.

I'm so excited to share these with you!

Undies and additional info for each polish will be included in each set of photos.

**Description from listing - medium holo base filled to the brim with ULTRA fine scattered holographic microns**
***I'm wearing this stunner over NailNation 3000 Kiss Me You Fool, a cherry red creme polish, as you can see it's still oh so very cherry. There isn't any graying with this topper. If you love Fairy'll really love this beauty...I think it's better! One coat will give you enough coverage to call it a day but feel free to add more!***
**outdoors - direct sun**

**yellow and tangerine orange micro matte squares in a holo base**
***Okay so I wanted to show this to you on it's own and over an undie. My middle finger and ring finger have one coat of NailNation 3000 Peace of Mind with one coat of Tangerinni Tankinni layered over it. My pointer and pinkie only have Tangerinni Tankinni on them - shown with two coats. You will need a couple coats of a glossy top coat coat to remove any texture. Though I felt only one coat was really needed when you wear it as a topper. As you can see there isn't a huge difference between wearing an undie and not wearing one. No issues with application or formula***
**outdoors - indirect sun**

**Blue and pink micro matte square glitters**
***So this sassy little number is the purple/blue/pink version of Tangerinni Tankinni. This is a little less opaque though. Below you will see it worn alone on my pointer and pinkie finger with 3 coats. My middle and ring finger it is worn as a topper , with one coat, over NailNation 3000 Lavender Bliss. As you can see in the photos this one needs more coats for opacity and you can see more clearly which fingers it is worn alone. Either way I love the colors in this! A couple of coats of top coat is necessary to remove any texture. No issues with formula or application***
**outdoors - direct sun**

So fun right? I'm obsessed with Glimmering Hope! That will get so much use. I love getting an extra day of wear out of a basic creme polish and topping it with a top coat. Any of these will really add an extra something to extend the wear time!

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I will see you tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!!

**polishes provided for my review and 100% honest opinion**

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