NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Spring Collection 2015 - Part 1

Hello my polish loving friends!

I have a couple of exciting posts for you today and tomorrow!

NailNation 3000 recently launched the Spring 2015 collection! Wahoo! I don't have all of them but I have some of them to share with you. And boy are they pretty.

I'm sharing the straight up "wear on their own" polishes today and tomorrow I'll feature toppers that can also be worn alone.

Sound good?

Let's get this spring fling started!

I'm With the Drummer
**Description from the listing - strong metal pull inside and under light I pull a brownish/red tinted pull over a sweet pale plum tone** 
***In truth, I'm not sure this is part of the Spring collection but it was launched at the same time, plus I would totally wear this in spring. You are seeing this with two coats, topped with the NN3000 glossy top coat, and it's amazing. The colors shifts are beautiful and I just LOVE this type of gray. No issues with formula or application***
 **outdoors - direct sun**


**Description from listing - deep true blue holo that pops a bright purple tone in direct light**
***This is so damn pretty it's ridiculous. I mean it's stunning inside but when you bring this baby outside...boy does it come alive! The tone of the blue is so so bold and bright but not obnoxiously so. The purple really warms this blue up from within. You can really see the purple in the macro of this polish! You are seeing this worn with two coats with the NN3000 glossy top coat. No issues with formula or application and NO staining***
**outdoors - direct sun** 


**Description from listing - Deep teal blue holo**
***Okay so this is beautiful inside but when I walked outside to take a sun shot...I audibly gasped. I felt compelled to take a video of it so it may show up on my IG today! The teal in this is hard to catch on camera because it desperately wants to be blue but as you can see, if you look at the photos above, then look at these you can see it's very teal and VERY holo. This may be my favorite from the collection but I'm finding it hard to choose! Photos are shown with two coats topped with the NN3000 glossy top coat. No issues with formula, application, or staining***

 **outdoors - direct sun**


**Description from listing - Creamy jelly white base with soft blue and aqua sparks throughout. Bright vibrant multi-sizes of hexi and square glitters that are matte and neon**
***While not a common polish you see from NN3000 - it sure is a season appropriate one! This is a super fun polish to welcome in the changing weather. The blue and aqua glitters in the white base are hard to catch on camera but you'll see them in some photos and definitely in person! The application was easy breezy and there isn't any fishing for those glitters. As you can see in the bottle the glitters are perfectly suspended. The photos are shown with three thin coats. No issues with application/formula***
**outdoors - direct sun** 


Pretty snazzy huh? Do you have a favorite? Did you pick any up?

Tomorrow I will have more pretty polishes from the collection to share with you!

Where to find NailNation 3000 -
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That Gal...signing off!!

**polishes provided for my review and 100% honest opinion**

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